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Lamptron Liquid Hose Clamp - Red 1/2 ID


Price: 4,05 (3,35 excl tax)

Stock status: In stock! Large quantity.

Lamptron Liquid Hose Clamp - Red 1/2 ID

The Lamptron Elite Aluminum Reusable Liquid Tubing Clamps are the ultimate in clamps. These have a perfect anodized finish that will match any system. Hex keyed screws make tightening a cinch and keep your system tight while looking the best of any fitting let alone clamp. Ridged areas inside the ring of the clamp provide solid contact with the tubing without damaging the tubing itself.

Color:  Red
Size Compatible:  1/2" OD tubing
Hex Wrench:  HEX 2.5