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BitFenix Spectre PRO 140mm Fan Blue LED - Black - 1200RPM

Code: BFF-LPRO-14025B-RP - SKU: BFF-LPRO-14025B-RP - EAN: 4716779447453

Price: 15,25 (12,60 excl tax)

Stock status: In stock! Limited quantity.

BitFenix Spectre PRO 140mm Fan Blue LED - Black - 1200RPM

Introducing the Spectre™ LED Fan Series from BitFenix. Engineered for both silent operation and maximum airflow, Spectre will keep your entire system well ventilated without making it sound like an airplane hangar. Spectre LED Fans are designed with sickle fan blades, which enhance airflow without producing excess noise. Spectre is also the first LED fan series on the market that supports on-the-fly LED light switching when used together with the BitFenix Hydra Fan Controller or BitFenix Survivor Chassis, allowing you to turn the lights on and off with a press of a button. Don't have either of those? No problem. Spectre can also be used as a regular LED fan with jumper-selectable on/off.

Powerful yet whisper-quiet - The Spectre Fan Series.


Garantie 1 Jaar
Maat 140 mm
Toeren 1200 rpm
Geluidsniveau 22.8 dB
Kleur LED, blauw
Aansluiting 3 Pin