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Yate Loon 120MM D12SH-12 Black 2200RPM


Code: D12SH-12 - SKU: D12SH-12

Price: 6,50 (5,37 excl tax)

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Yate Loon 120MM D12SH-12 Black 2200RPM

Yate Loon, the premiere OEM case fan manufacturer, is well known for providing high quality, silent 120mm case fans.  The Yate Loon D12SH-12 has an impressive CFM to noise ratio at only a fraction of the price of comparable fans.  These versatile fans are constantly recommended for any 120mm application whether its on a heatsink, in a case, or even on radiators.

At 88.0 CFM, the Yate Loon D12SH-12 offers much more airflow then its fellow, low-speed counterpart (D12SL-12, 47CFM).  This fan is highly recommended in situations when low speed fans just don't provide enough flow for efficient cooling.  The D12SH-12 also works great when paired with a fan speed controller!

Model: D12SH-12
Fan Size: 120mm x 120mm x 25mm
Speed: 2200 +/- 10% RPM
Airflow: 80.0 CFM
Noise: 40.0 dBA
Bearing: Sleeve
Voltage: 12 V
Current: .3 Amp Max
Fan Life: 30,000 hours
Connector: 3pin