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Revoltec Ultra Bright Cold RED Light - 30cm


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SINGLE-30 Ultra Bright Cold RED Light: 1x30cm

Rode licht van 30 centimeter lang.
Laat alles in uw PC rood oplichten! Met een rode gloed in uw PC, zal uw PC een stuk aantrekkelijker worden.
Het geeft een enorm mooi effect en een nieuwe dimensie aan uw PC, eigenlijk onmisbaar voor de ultieme PC!


The Revoltec Advantage

  • MolexDuo : Passthrough male+female 4pin power so you wont run out of power connectors
  • White flexcable : white cable that looks cool, does not interfere, easily hidden. does not look messy. soft and easily managed flexcable.


  • Length: ca. 30cm
  • Depth: ca. 1.2cm
  • Power usage: 3 Watt
  • 4 Pin molex connector
  • Double-Sided Tape for Easy mounting
  • Weight: ca. 200g 

Premium-quality lights
Revoltec light tubes are from premium quality - brilliantly bright and long-life. The lights are individually encased in a clear hard acrylic tube. These hard acrylic tubes protect the from damage and breaking (50% of CCFL lights without acrylic cover are broken during usage or transport). They also double up as a light magnifier, giving 360 degrees unobstructed light throughout the entire length of the light. The ends of the tubes are capped with clear acrylic cubes for easy mounting.

MolexDuo pass-thru power connector
With the MolexDuo power plug, you will never run out of Molex power connectors. The MolexDuo has is female on one side and pass-thru male on the other. So everytime you connect an Revoltec light, there will still be an available power connector via the pass-thru MolexDuo! To install multiple Revoltec lights, simply chain them up one after another.

Plug n play
To install the light, simply plug in the 4pin molex connector to your power supply and turn it on!! All the parts are easily disassembled and assembled so you can easily change and modify them. The lights are connected to the inverter with 2pin plugs. You can easily plug and unplug them. Even the CCFL can be removed from the protective clear hard acrylic tube.