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HighFlow is an experienced and dynamic company, founded in 2007. Meanwhile, HighFlow is one of the most respected company in the world of watercooling and modding. HighFlow focusses on selling the best computer cooling, modding, cases and gaming products on the internet.
We distinguish us from other shops by having an userfriendly website, low prices and high service. In order to assure you of that in the future, our good price/quality combination continue to apply, we have developed our own mission, vision, values, strategy and business formula.
Service and ease for the customer!


HighFlows mission is to keep your computer cool, silent and beautiful.
We only sell the products, that can do that optimally for the best price.
For that matter, we do our best to keep the prices as low as possible!


HighFlow tries to put as much information as possible on the website, but if there are still questions, don't hesistate to contact us by forum or email.


HighFlow stocks only the top quality products.
These products are tested and reviewed by known websites like:
And more...


So you can be sure you buy the best products at our shop.
You can also save a lot of time, spending on searching and reading reviews/forums, because we already did that for you!


You also don't have to search for a shop with the best price, because you already found us.
But did you find a shop with lower prices anyway?
Sent us an email or let us know on our forum and we will try to give you the same or even a lower price!


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We really appreciate if you share your experience, with your review we can improve our services further!


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Have fun on our website!




List of our new products

Bitspower X-Station Universal Cooling Afte...

Code: BP-XSUCAM-UV - SKU: BP-XSUCAM-UV - EAN: 471955220486

List price: 52,95 (43,76)   Price: 39,95 (33,02 excl tax) You save: 13,00 (25%)
(excl tax: 10,74)

40mm Noctua NF-A4x10 FLX 5V

Code: 19240 - SKU: NF-A4x10 5V

Price: 15,95 (13,18 excl tax)

Bitspower G1/4 True Brass Rotary 30 Degree...

Code: BP-TB30R - SKU: BP-TB30R - EAN: 4719552216192

Price: 14,90 (12,31 excl tax)

Bitspower True Brass Y-Block Fitting 3x ID...

Code: BP-TB3RYB - SKU: BP-TB3RYB - EAN: 4719552223947

Price: 25,95 (21,45 excl tax)

Bitspower G1/4 Q-Block True Brass - BP-TBQMB

Code: BP-TBQMB - SKU: BP-TBQMB - EAN: 4711946747367

Price: 14,90 (12,31 excl tax)

Bitspower G1/4 True Brass IG1/4 Extender 3...

Code: BP-TBWP-C63 - SKU: BP-TBWP-C63 - EAN: 4711946747237

Price: 9,95 (8,22 excl tax)

Bitspower G1/4 True Brass Dual Rotary 90 D...

Code: BP-TB90R2 - SKU: BP-TB90R2 - EAN: 4711946747398

Price: 19,95 (16,49 excl tax)

Bitspower G1/4 Temperature Sensor Stop Fit...

Code: BP-TBWP-CT - SKU: BP-TBWP-CT - EAN: 4711946747381

Price: 12,95 (10,70 excl tax)

Screw set UNC 6-32 30mm - 20 pcs

Code: EK9046 - SKU: 9046

Price: 7,95 (6,57 excl tax)

SilverStone SOB02 SLIM Blu-ray Writer

Code: SST-SOB02 - SKU: SST-SOB02 - EAN: 4710713969919

Price: 154,95 (128,06 excl tax)

Black Ice Nemesis Radiator GTS 240 - Black

Code: N240GTS-BK - SKU: Nemesis 240GTS-BK - EAN: 4806518482491

Price: 47,95 (39,63 excl tax)

Bitspower Water Tank Z-Tube 40mm - Acrylic...


Price: 8,95 (7,40 excl tax)

Bitspower Water Tank Z-Multi Bridge - POM ...


Price: 8,95 (7,40 excl tax)

Feser Tube UV - HighFlow - 3/8 ID - 1/2 OD...


Price: 5,95 (4,92 excl tax)

EK-Supremacy EVO RED Edition

Code: 800089 - SKU: 3831109800089 - EAN: 3831109800089

Price: 70,95 (58,64 excl tax)

EK-Supremacy EVO BLUE Edition

Code: 800096 - SKU: 3831109800096 - EAN: 3831109800096

Price: 70,95 (58,64 excl tax)

EK-Supremacy EVO GREEN Edition

Code: 800102 - SKU: 3831109800102 - EAN: 3831109800102

Price: 70,95 (58,64 excl tax)

NZXT KRAKEN X61 ALL-IN-ONE Liquid Cooler -...

Code: RL-KRX61-01 - SKU: RL-KRX61-01 - EAN: 5060301691203

Price: 150,95 (124,75 excl tax)

This product is expected to be available on Friday, 28 November 2014
Scythe Kama Thermo 3 - TM03-BK

Code: 13732 - SKU: TM03-BK

Price: 15,95 (13,18 excl tax)

TFC Admiral Radiator 240 - Limited Edition

Code: TFC10242 - SKU: 10242

Price: 69,95 (57,81 excl tax)