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HighFlow is an experienced and dynamic company, founded in 2007. Meanwhile, HighFlow is one of the most respected company in the world of watercooling and modding. HighFlow focusses on selling the best computer cooling, modding, cases and gaming products on the internet.
We distinguish us from other shops by having an userfriendly website, low prices and high service. In order to assure you of that in the future, our good price/quality combination continue to apply, we have developed our own mission, vision, values, strategy and business formula.
Service and ease for the customer!


HighFlows mission is to keep your computer cool, silent and beautiful.
We only sell the products, that can do that optimally for the best price.
For that matter, we do our best to keep the prices as low as possible!


HighFlow tries to put as much information as possible on the website, but if there are still questions, don't hesistate to contact us by forum or email.


HighFlow stocks only the top quality products.
These products are tested and reviewed by known websites like:
And more...


So you can be sure you buy the best products at our shop.
You can also save a lot of time, spending on searching and reading reviews/forums, because we already did that for you!


You also don't have to search for a shop with the best price, because you already found us.
But did you find a shop with lower prices anyway?
Sent us an email or let us know on our forum and we will try to give you the same or even a lower price!


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We really appreciate if you share your experience, with your review we can improve our services further!


For our contact information, click Contact.
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Have fun on our website!




List of our new products

Bitspower Black Freezer VG-NGTX980 Clear A...


Price: 159,95 (132,19 excl tax)

Bitspower Black Freezer VG-NGTX980 Black A...


Price: 159,95 (132,19 excl tax)

Coollaboratory Liquid Copper Koelpasta 1ml

Code: LiquidCopper - SKU: Liquid Copper - EAN: 4260157580213

Price: 7,95 (6,57 excl tax)

Cooler Master Nepton 140XL

Code: RL-N14X-20PK-R1 - SKU: RL-N14X-20PK-R1 - EAN: 0172304232552

Price: 63,45 (52,44 excl tax)

Cooler Master Nepton 280L

Code: RL-N28L-20PK - SKU: RL-N28L-20PK - EAN: 4719512046159

Price: 92,00 (76,03 excl tax)

Ergonomische monitorstandaard - Glas/Alumi...

Code: 16632 - SKU: 16632

Price: 54,95 (45,41 excl tax)

Corsair Air Series SP120 High Performance ...

Code: CO-9050021-WW - SKU: CO-9050021-WW - EAN: 0843591051743

Price: 14,90 (12,31 excl tax)

Corsair Air Series SP120 High Performance ...

Code: CO-9050031-WW - SKU: CO-9050031-WW - EAN: 0843591051842

Price: 24,95 (20,62 excl tax)

Corsair Air Series SP120 High Performance ...

Code: CO-9050020-WW - SKU: CO-9050020-WW - EAN: 0843591051736

Price: 14,90 (12,31 excl tax)

Corsair Air Series SP120 High Performance ...

Code: CO-9050030-WW - SKU: CO-9050030-WW - EAN: 0843591051835

Price: 24,95 (20,62 excl tax)

EK-FC Terminal TRIPLE Parallel

Code: 868102 - SKU: 3831109868102 - EAN: 3831109868102

Price: 20,95 (17,31 excl tax)

EK-FC Terminal BLANK Parallel

Code: 868164 - SKU: 3831109868164 - EAN: 3831109868164

Price: 4,50 (3,72 excl tax)

Phanteks PWM Fan Hub - PH-PWHUB_01

Code: PH-PWHUB_01 - SKU: PH-PWHUB_01 - EAN: 0886523300045

Price: 17,90 (14,79 excl tax)

Corsair Air Series AF120 Quiet Edition LED...

Code: CO-9050016-BLED - SKU: CO-9050016-BLED - EAN: 0843591043847

Price: 22,95 (18,97 excl tax)

Corsair Air Series AF120 Quiet Edition LED...

Code: CO-9050015-WLED - SKU: CO-9050015-WLED - EAN: 0843591043830

Price: 13,95 (11,53 excl tax)

Phobya Connection Plug for RGB Flex-Lights...

Code: 82393 - SKU: 82393 - EAN: 4049469145347

Price: 1,00 (0,83 excl tax)

Phobya RGB 4-pin extension 150cm - black

Code: 87479 - SKU: 87479 - EAN: 4049469138479

Price: 2,95 (2,44 excl tax)

BitFenix 4-Pin Molex naar SATA 45cm Sleeve...

Code: BFA-MSC-MSA45KK-RP - SKU: BFA-MSC-MSA45KK-RP - EAN: 4716779442007

Price: 6,05 (5,00 excl tax)

EK-FC980 GTX Backplate - Black

Code: 869277 - SKU: 3831109869277 - EAN: 3831109869277

Price: 29,95 (24,75 excl tax)

EK-FC980 GTX Backplate - Nickel

Code: 869284 - SKU: 3831109869284 - EAN: 3831109869284

Price: 37,95 (31,36 excl tax)