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Aqua-Computer Poweradjust 2 USB - Ultra Version

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Aqua-Computer Poweradjust 2 USB - Ultra Version

The poweradjust 2 is primarily optimized for the control of Laing DDC pump , but other consumers to be operated on the controller with up to 25W continuous power at 12 volts. Sun is a poweradjust 2 in the ultra - variant example, for temperature- control of nine - airstream fans at a airplex evo 1080th
The peak output power can temporarily be up to 48W , offering sufficient reserves for the cause significantly higher starting currents , pumps or fans can . A freely configurable Start Boost ensures that, for example , a pump has enough time to launch before it is turned down . This function uses course , if that is detected on the speed or flow sensor signal a stoppage of fan or pump ( configurable).

The board offers not only been from the previous known connections for consumers including tachometer signal processing , USB, flow meter and tachometer signal output in the current version number of innovations : Can So now , an external temperature sensor can be connected and there are two aquabus connections for extensions. There are already clear plans for the near future so that we can look forward to further developments in the software and firmware.
New to the temperature measurement is also the support of negative values. Sun reads from poweradjust 2 temperatures in the range of -40 to +100 ° C.

In addition to the manual settings of the standard version can use the poweradjust 2 in the Ultra version of the external temperature sensor for the regulation of the service. The scheme itself is based largely on this to the fan system of aquastream XT and can be adjusted very finely to individual needs . Who does not need this feature can also access the standard version that is identical to the temperature control for ultra - variant.

Already seen in the pictures good is the much larger heat sinks to the predecessor . Safety has also been improved by a two-stage overload protection function that relies on high temperatures before the performance to 100 % in order to reduce the power loss on the Platuine and further increasing temperature the output disabled to prevent damage to the board. Various alarm settings in terms of temperature , flow and speed signal will be other opportunities to hand in order to protect your system from potential damage.

Features :
- DC output signal (no PWM)
- Configurable Start -Burst
- Measurement of the maximum
- Choice of fixed output or speed setting
- Control characteristic for speed setting configurable in detail
- transfer of the tachometer signal from the pump or the fan on the motherboard or production of an artificial speed signal that can be disabled in case of errors
- Speed control with a renewed burst at standstill
- Connection for a temperature sensor
- Possibility to connect a flow sensor
- Two expansion ports aquabus
- USB communication to PC
- Easy software for configuration and evaluation of the poweradjust 2 USB - aquasuite fully integrated into the software

2 USB 1x poweradjust
1x Anschlussadpterkabel for Laing DDC pump
1x USB internal cable ( 5-pin) , length 70 cm
1x speed signal cable
1x Manual