Reward Points

HighFlow rewards her customers!


You can save reward points at HighFlow.

HighFlow customers are rewarded with reward points with every order they make!
You can exchange your reward points for discount with your next order, or you can save up your reward points.


Benefit endlessly at HighFlow, througout the whole year!


We reward every customer with one reward point for every €10,- spent.


The more you spent, the higher the amount of reward points you'll get.


Five reward points equals €1.-.
You can use the reward points with your next order or save it up.
It's up to you when you want to use your reward points!


You've place two orders, one order with an amount of €300,- and another of €200,-.
The total order amount of these orders is €500,-.
With these two orders you have saved 50 reward points.
Please mind that reward points are only given to orders from €€10,- or more.
These 50 reward points you can use with your next order as a discount of €10,-.
You can apply the reward points as discount on our webshop, on the cart or checkout page.
You can decide for yourself when you want to use your reward points and how many of them.


Where can I see how much reward points I have saved?
You can see your amount of reward points when you are logged in, on the right side of the webshop under "My Account".
If you click on it, you will see an overview of your placed orders where you have earned or used your reward points.


When will the reward points be added to my account?
The reward points will be added to your account, when the status of your order is updated to "completed".


Do you got more questions or do you want more info about our reward points?
Please use our contact form and sent us your message.
We will answer your message as soon as possible.


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