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DangerDen MPC-X38/X48/X58 CHP-319

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DangerDen MPC-X38/X48/X58 CHP-319

Intel's latest and greatest is the Bonetrail X38/X48/X58 and Skulltrail motherboard.  Use this block to maximize your overclock!

Intel is continuing the tradition for power and speed by allowing overclocking on their latest motherboards!

•100% copper 110 material
•Acrylic and brass top options
•Threaded fitting ports are G 1/4 BSPP for use with any similar spec fittings.
•Complete Block with O-Ring
•Pressure Tested to 50psi
•Machine lapped and flat mirror polished
•Stainless steel hold down

•225 Heat Dissipating Columns for enhanced transfer of heat to the water and optimum coverage of the CPU
•Low pressure drop design for maximum coolant flow rate
•Ready to install designed and tuned for your system for top performance
•Anti-Tarnish coating applied to prevent finger print or environmental changes.  This specialized formula also has no affect on cooling potential.
•Corrosion will not occur when used with other Copper and Brass parts.  Avoid using non-anodized aluminum (or all aluminum) if at all possible for maximum component life.