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Lamptron FC2 Fan Controller - 6 channel x 45w - Black

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Lamptron FC2 Fan Controller - 6 channel x 45w - Black

The Lamptron High Wattage 6 Channel Rheobus is the most robust fan controller we have ever seen. This controller is able to handle pretty much any fan you can throw at it. With a power output of 45W per channel, this unit handles Delta fans with ease. (Watch the video below!) Six channels total allows you to be in complete control of any set-up.

These are CNC milled from blocks of 3/4" thick solid aluminum! The anodized finish keeps a clean look as well.

Each channel control knob is illuminated blue when on with non-direct soft light technology. LED voltage is in direct proportion to voltage on channel. The higher you turn the fan up, the brighter the illumination!

This is the unit to get if you want smooth speed control and want to adjust the fans often. The FC-2 controller is meant for the power users that wants the best!

  • CNC milled from blocks of 3/4" thick solid aluminum
  • Anodized finish
  • Variable channel knobs control the LED brightness
  • Normal output 45W watts per channel
  • 6 separate channels
  • 6 x 18"+ 3-pin fan extension cables
  • 4-pin Molex power cable
  • 4 x mount screws

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