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Aqua-Computer SPLITTY9 ACTIVE - active splitter for up to 9 PWM fans

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SPLITTY9 ACTIVE is an active ninefold splitter for 4-pin PWM fans featuring separate power supply, PWM signal amplification and adjustable switching threshold.

SPLITTY9 ACTIVE has significant advantages over a passive splitter:
Power supply through SATA connector: Fans connected to the splitter are not supplied from the fan output, but from a SATA power connector to be connected directly to the PSU. This means that fan power consumtion is not limited to the maximum load of the fan output, but to the maximum power of a SATA connector - that is 4.5 Amps or 54 Watts according to specification.
PWM signal amplification: When using a passive splitter, each connected fan puts a strain on the PWM signal of the fan output - depending on fan output and fan type, even a small number of fans might overload the PWM signal, the fans cannot be controlled in this case. SPLITTY9 ACTIVE amplifies the PWM signal to be able to control problematic fans with out-of-spec PWM inputs.
Adjustable switching threshold: PWM fans can usually not be switched off using the PWM signal - SPLITTY9 ACTIVE adds this useful feature. A rotary knob can be used to adjust the switching threshold. If the PWM signal is below the threshold, SPLITTY9 ACTIVE will cut power to the fans. A LED on the splitter indicates whether the fans are currently powered.

A self-adhesive hook-and-loop strip is included for easy installation, alternatively two mounting holes can be used.

Maximum current: 4.5 A

Dimensions: ca. 57 x 39 x 16 mm

Scope of delivery:
One splitter
One 4-pin cable, total length 70 cm
Self-adhesive hook-a


Straight PWM specs with this splitty means most fans will start spining around 1000-1100rpm. On the plus side, this splitty allows you to hook up a lot of fans on one motherboard fan header or aquaero  and to really max them. Build quality is  superb, sturdy unlike other generic fan hubs.

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