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Coolink Silent Savior v2

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Coolink Silent Savior v2

The Coolink Silent Savior HDD-Cooler features super-silent operation (9-16dB/A), outstanding reliability, excellent cooling performance and dead easy installation.

Many HDD coolers with multiple smaller fans or cheap sleeve-bearing fans quickly turn into annoying sources of noise. The Silent Savior is equipped with a large Coolink SWiF 801-L quality fan whose high precision double ball bearing ensures excellent longevity. Thanks to its 80mm size, the SWiF 801-L achieves a whopping 30m³/h at only 9-16dB/A - more than enough to cool a HDD.

  • Extremely silent operation (9-16dB/A) and excellent longevity thanks to the use of a Coolink SWiF 801-L quality fan with high-precision double ball bearing and 20mm height.
  • 30m³/h airflow ensures super cooling of your HDDs electronics, which is crucial to avoid drive failures and data loss.
  • Easy installation: Just screw the Coolink Silent Savior to the bottom side of your HDD, connect the fan and you're done!
  • Works with all 3,5" HDDs (use 12V for 10.000RPM+ and 7V for 7200RPM or 5400RPM drives)
  • Includes screws and 7V adaptor for ultra silent mode (9dB/A)


Frame-Size (mm) 115(L) x 100(W) x 23(H)
Frame Aluminium
Fan SWiF 801-L
Fan-Size (mm) 80x80x20
Rotation Speed (RPM) 1700
Airflow (m³/h) 30
Acoustical Noise (dB/A) 9-16
Input Power (W) 1,20
Input Current (A) 0,10
Voltage Range (V) 4-13
Weight / Piece (kg) 0,13


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