Ultimarc ClassicRGB LED Pushbuttons

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Classic Arcade Concave Style LED Illuminated pushbuttons with microswitch and RGB LED for full variable-color mixing!

Plugs directly into our PacLED64 or I-PAC Ultimate I/O controllers.

Identical to conventional classic arcade buttons but with translucent body and top. Internal LED can be lit to any color.
Standard 28-30mm mounting hole
Specially designed internal diffuser sleeve for even color
Switches have 4.8 mm tags.
Pre-wired for PacLED64 and I-PAC Ultimate I/O controllers. Just plug in!
Available with 500mm length integral wiring for LED
NOTE: These do not have internal resistors and can only be used with current-controlled drivers such as our PacLED64 or I-PAC Ultimate I/O.

Full dimming control including RGB Color mixing
See our PacLED64 LED Controller for full details. Also will plug into the I-PAC Ultimate I/O


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