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Brook Wingman PS2 Super Converter Adapter - Xbox 360 / Xbox One/XSX|S/ Xbox Elite 1&2 / PS5/PS4/PS3/ Switch Pro Controllers to PS 1/2

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Wingman PS2, the cross-platform controller converter exclusively built by Brook

Lets you enjoy classic console games on Playstation 1, Playstation 2 and Playstation Classic (Mini) with your new generation controllers

Advanced features such as Turbo and Remap functions are included to enhance your Playstation game playing experience! 


The classics never die - sometimes they are reborn, better than ever! Brook - makers of the popular Super Converter family - offers Playstation 2 players a love letter for the original console.  The Brook Super Converter is small form-factor adapter designed to convert modern gamepads for use in the original FAT or Slim Playstation 2 console, plus original Playstation 1 or PSOne console.



 The miniature, almost memory card sized adapter packs a massive feature set.  The included USB A port on the Wingman PS2's body will accept wired gamepads and arcade sticks from a wide variety of modern consoles and generations: Playstation 3, 4, and 5; Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and Xbox 360; Nintendo Switch.  For those who prefer wireless control, you can connect your modern wireless controller to the Super Converter via Bluetooth.



There were hundreds of titles on Playstation 2 that utilized vibration for special effects during gameplay.  You can have the same experience on any supported PS3/PS4 gamepads thanks to the Wingman's vibration support. Looking for auto-fire games in didn't originally support it? Wingman also covers this with five turbo levels! 


For those who often play on PC, the Wingman PS2 Super Converter features a mini USB output.  You can connect a mini USB cable to your computer and utilize the converter's Xinput support to control modern titles.  Additionally the PC connection is used to upgrade firmware when necessary.


The Brooks Super Converter has several convenient features to improve the control experience.

  • Accepts FightSticks, wired gamepads, and steering wheels amongst other original and 3rd party compatible peripherals across Xbox Series X\S, Xbox One, Xbox360, PS5, PS4, PS3 and Nintendo Switch consoles.
  • Connects to Playstation 2 FAT and Slim consoles, plus original Playstation/PSX consoles including PSONe.
  • Switch between PS2 and Xinput (PC) mode via switch.
  • Supports mapping a single or combination of buttons to a Turbo function for rapid fire play.
  • Multiple levels of Turbo fire
  • Ability to hot-swap peripherals without unplugging the device from the console.
  • Vibration support when used on PS2 console.

In addition, the Brook Super Converter is firmware upgradeable, which can be used to improve functionality, and add new features.  Firmware updates are performed by attaching your device to a Windows PC, or Mac with Boot Camp partition or Parallels Virtual PC software. 


The Brook Super Converter comes in its own professionally designed box.  In the box is the device; instructions are accessible via QR code on back of the box.


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