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623P 2-way Arcade Fightstick Backpack / Shoulder Bag

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If you have an arcade fightstick, you must be familiar with the hassle to bring it (safely) with you to friends or events.
The hassle is now over with the 623P 2-way arcade fightstick backpack/shoulder bag!

This is the ultimate bag / backpack to bring along your fightstick with ease, for events, competitions and everyday use!
Designed by multiple Tekken Champion Nobi.
High Quality bag, made in Japan by 623P!
623P stands for the one of the most iconic move, the ShoRyuKen or Dragon Punch (right, down, rightdown + punch button).
pecially imported from Japan, for you guys, here in Europe (or abroad)!

The bag is a 2-way type that can be easily used depending on the scene and your personal preference, you can either wear it as a backpack or shoulder bag.
Whether used as a shoulder bag or as a backpack, you can store your items easily and safe and change the way you wear it on the fly.

All arcade fightsticks can be stored in the bag, regardless of size!
With the removable adjustment cushions, it offers compatibility for a variety of fightstick sizes.
From small types such as the Venom, to large types such as Hori Fighting Edge and Obsidian fightsticks.

Bag specifications:
Size: 50x42x16cm (19.68 x 16.53 x 6.29 in.)
Capacity: 37L

Protection and stability
The bag and its cushions provides stability and protection against vibration/shocks during movement/transport, so your arcade fightstick stays safe during your trip.

Not limited to your arcade fightstick
The bag has a total of six pockets, so the storage capacity is not limited to your fightstick, you can also store your phone, wallet, books etc. and even your Notebook/Laptop!

Convenient back pocket when used as a backpack
Back pocket for peace of mind when traveling abroad, to store your valued items.
It is designed to be hard to be stolen even with a smartphone, passport or wallet.

Full-fledged pocket
With a total of four front pockets, you can carry small items such as mobile batteries, charging cables, passports, WiFi, and earphones without getting lost.

Easy to put items in and out
Smart cards can be taken out while traveling, such as ID cards, payment cards, transportation IC cards, wallets and smartphones.

Design recommended and supervised by professional gamers.
2-way design that can be used as a shoulder bag or backpack.
Stores compact types to full-scale type arcade fightsticks.
Attached cushions can be used to store a wide range of sizes and offer optimal protection.
Full storage pockets. A total of 6 pockets separate from the storage space of the fightstick, so it can hold tablets, laptops, accessories and magazines etc.
Carry-on size. Rest assured not only when participating in local competitions and events, but also during overseas expeditions and adventures!

623P / Helluva

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