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Lan Gear Da Box 100 Classic - Closed Side Panel

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Lan Gear Da Box 100 Classic - Closed Side Panel

Full black DA BOX 100 is a microATX SFF case, designed for high end CPU and GPU. Footprint is only 166 square inches, this true SFF case accomodates everything its ATX counterpart does: tall heatsink (up to 190 mm high), long video card (322mm long / 347mm without the optional 92mm intake fan), full ATX PSU,... All that in a beautiful, 2mm thick, black anodized brushed aluminum shell.

The hardware installation with DA BOX is very easy and simple. The motherboard tray makes it possible to mount most of the components outside of the case and just slide it in.

With DA BOX, the internal layout has the power supply unit in front of the case instead of on top of the CPU, which allows for easier access to the motherboard as well as more room above, thus allowing for larger CPU coolers to be used. In fact, DA BOX is the only compact SFF case to be compatible with 99% of the CPU coolers on the market. The power supply unit at the front of the case is cooled with fresh cool air directly from the outside of the case, instead of pre-heated air from within. This will bring down the core temperatures and extend the lifespan of the PSU significantly.

DA BOX is a particular SFF case, which is ideal for the latest graphics cards in combination with the best thermal dynamics. The flow is optimized to remove excessive heat generated by todays high end cards. The absence of power supply and hard drive on the front of the case allow for excessively long third party PCI cards (up to 322mm). For people looking at adding in new graphics cards, the 6 PCI slots can hold two graphics cards, supports CrossfireX™ and 2-way SLI™.

Compact and portable (bag available in Options)
100% aluminum case (frame, chassis, ...)
Brush aluminum finish
2 x 120mm exhaust fans
2 x 80mm rear fans
Compatible with heatsinks as high as 190 mm
Compatible with long graphic cards up to 340mm long, thus including HD5870, HD5890, HD5970,...
Compatible with ATX power supply
Hand screws
Compatible water cooling
Anti theft system
Removable motherboard tray
Matched optical drive bezel



Type Micro ATX desktop
Case Material 1.5mm Aluminium Chassis, 2mm Aluminium Cover
Power Support Full ATX (Not included)
Motherboard Compatiblity MicroATX, Baby AT, miniITX
Side Panel Window Optional
External 5.25" bay 1
Internal 3.5" Drive Bays 2
Internal 2.5" Drive Bays 4
Expansion PCI Slots 4
120mm Fans 3 x 120mm Rear Fan (See Model Description)
92 mm Fans 1 x 92mm side fan ( + 1 x 92 mm side fan optional)
Dimensions 8.6" x 11.4" x 14.6"
Weight 7 lbs
Available color Black (anodized)
Manufacturer Warranty 1 year
Lan Gear

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