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Scythe 2.5 Twin Mounter (2x 2.5 to 1x3.5 bay) 2.5-TWIN-MOUNTER

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Scythe 2.5 Twin Mounter (2x 2.5 to 1x3.5 bay) 2.5-TWIN-MOUNTER

Due to increasing performance and more disk space, 2.5" HDDs are currently getting an alternative for silent-users.
Falling prices and increase of storage space and access speed, 2.5" hard disk drives former primarily designed for mobile PC were getting an optimal alternative for Silent User. Especially the new SSD technology is becoming a must-have for users who want their PCs to be virtually silent.

Twin Mounter 2.5 allows installation of up to two 2.5" hard disk drives or SSDs in one 3.5" bay which additionally means saving space in traditional PC cases.

Model Name:  2.5 Twin Mounter 
Model #:  2.5-TWIN-MOUNTER
Manufacturer:  Scythe Co., Ltd. Japan
Weight 170 g 
HDD Compatibility:  2x 2.5" HDD / SSD 
Required Space:  1x 3.5" Bay 
Standard Accessory:  Screw for Hard Disk Mounting (8 pcs.)
Screw for Case Mounting (4 pcs.)


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