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Phanteks Enthoo Evolv X Digital RGB Midi Tower Tempered Glass Gaming Case - Gunmetal Grey

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Our price: 204,95 (169,38 excl tax)
Price in points: 847 points
Reward points: 17 points

The Phanteks Evolv X is a premium Mid-Tower case built from a combination of anodized aluminium and powder coated steel. It has a range of features targeted at gaming enthusiasts and professionals. These include easy to install components, advanced options for cooling and even the ability to install a second ITX motherboard in the case's roof (ITX kit sold separately)

The Phanteks Evolv X will be the centerpiece of your home or office, coming in an attractive range of colours: Satin Black, Gunmetal Grey and Galaxy Silver.

Built from high-quality materials
Designed for dual Motherboard configurations
Tinted left and right tempered glass side panels
Compatible with Asus Aura sync and MSI Mystic Light Sync
The Phanteks Evolv X is a stylish Mid-Tower case that can hold up to an E-ATX motherboard. It has multiple sophisticated features for those who are passionate about hardware. For example, with the appropriate bracket and Phanteks power supply, an ITX motherboard can be mounted to the roof of the Evolv X. This makes the case ideal for complex tasks that require dual systems such as server management and live streaming.

With the Evolv X, Phanteks have created a visually impressive case for enthusiasts. They have achieved this by combining premium materials, such as sandblasted aluminium and powder coated steel, with well thought out design elements.

The case features two tempered glass side panels which allows users to display the core build components. The side panels can also be easily attached and removed via an ingenious magnetic hinge system that suspends the panels securely in place. Aluminium handles on both side panels allow you to open them without any unsightly fingerprints. They can even be secured behind the front panel using thumbscrews, which is ideal for LAN events & transporting your system.

In addition, the case has a distinct front panel featuring rugged styling and excellent thermal properties. A 30mm clearance between the front panel and chassis ensure great airflow, which is further enhanced by the front panel's large surface area and mesh sections to prevent dust entry. The top panel features mesh vents on both sides, and an airflow cover is supplied to prevent air recirculation when the top exhaust area is not fully occupied. This adds up to a significantly better airflow experience than the original Evolv ATX Glass edition.

The Phanteks Evolv X has excellent cooling properties whether you prefer air or water cooling.

Overall the case can accept a total of seven 120mm fans, three in the front, three on top and one at the back. Alternatively it can hold up to six 140mm fans with three in the front, two on top and one at the back.

If watercooling is more your thing, the case can accommodate a 360mm on top, up to a 360mm on the front and a 120mm in the back. Alternatively for 140mm it can hold up to 420mm in the front, up to 280mm on top and 140mm in the back. Phanteks have also integrated convenient fill and drain ports.

A Universal fan hub has been include which lets you to control all the fans within the case and Phanteks have even bundled three 140mm Phanteks Premium fans, which are based on the MP model.

A striking feature of the Phanteks Evolv X is that it is capable of holding up to 9 SSD and 10 HDDs. 6 x SSD and 4 x HDD mounts are included as standard. Not only that, they can be discreetly tucked away into panels that fold out from the case's right side. There are additional panels that are tool-lessly mounted inside the case to conceal unsightly cables, along with dual lane cable routing options and sliding covers at the front side of the Evolv X, ensuring a clean system with minimal effort.

RGB Illumination is great as you would come to expect from Phanteks. There are a pair of digital RGB strips on the front panel featuring wireless connectivity, meaning the front panel can be removed without any cables needing to be disconnected. There is also a digital RGB light strip featured on the PSU shroud. Coming with compatibility for both Asus's Aura Sync and MSI's Mystic Light Sync, the case also has I/O panel that includes a USB 3.1 Type-C port, two USB 3.0 power button, audio jacks, and buttons to switch between illumination settings. There is even a GPU anti-sag bracket included to keep your VGA card straight without spoiling the clean aesthetics of your build.


Colour: Satin Black
Dimension: (WxHxD) 240 mm x 520 mm x 520 mm (94.5 in x 20.5 in x 20.5)
Form Factor: Mid-Tower
Anodized aluminium panels
Powder coated steel chassis
Tempered glass side panels
MB Support: E-ATX, ATX, Micro-ATX, Mini ITX
Front I/O:
1x USB 3.1 GEN 2 Type-C
2x USB 3.0
Power button
Headphone jack
D-RGB Mode button
D-RGB Color button
Side Windows: Tempered glass (tinted) both sides
PCI slots and drive bays

PCI slots: x7
Internal 3.5" x 10 (4 included)
Internal 2.5" x 9 (6 included)


Front: x3
Top: x3
Rear: x1
Front: x3 (2 installed)
Top: x2
Rear: x1 (1 installed)

Front: up to 360
Top: up to 360
Rear: 120
Front: up to 420
Top: up to 280
Rear: 140


CPU Cooler: 190 mm (7.4 in)
Graphics card length: 435 mm (17.2 in)
Front Radiator + Fan (thickness): 95 mm (3.7 in)
Top Radiator + Fan (thickness) 65 mm (2.5 in)

Included accessories

Premium 140 mm fan: x3
Universal Fan Hub: x1
3.5" Stackable HDD bracket: x4
Vertical GPU mount:x1
GPU Anti-Sag bracket: x1
Airflow cover: x1
Toolbox: x1

Een schitterende behuizing die kwaliteit uitstraalt aan alle kanten. Is ook erg makkelijk om in te werken en wordt geleverd met uitgebreide superdeluxe accessoires. Enige minpuntjes zijn dat het vrij donker is in de behuizing omdat de led verlichting alleen aan de buitenkant zit. Ook was het wel mooier geweest als het gat voor radiators die vooraan onderin de behuizing zit een deksel oid had zodat je niet altijd dat gat in kan kijken.  
use This case is nice if you're looking to use it as a single-system case. However, I got this case to use it as a dual-system case, which is the big feature of this case. Unfortunately, there are a lot of issues with this case once you use it as a dual-system case. And that's how I will be reviewing it.== Documentation & Design ==Documentation is appalling. While documentation for all your single-system needs are covered, and mostly quite clear as well, documentation for the dual-system portions is either straight up missing, or very unclear. For instance, there is no information on what top-mounted radiator options you get with an mITX board installed. I measured it up and figured a 240mm radiator would fit. Wrong. There is enough room for Phanteks to make it fit, but the case is designed as such that it does not fit.Another issue that I ran into, is the lack of documentation or labels to indicate which kabels should be used where. It took me way too long to realize that one 16pin motherboard cable was slightly longer than the other. The longer one only barely reaches the top-mounted system, meaning the shorter one does not.Also, the holes at the top of the motherboard tray are not big enough for the cables included with Phanteks' own PSU, which is speficially meant for this case. This is especially concerning, since in a dual-system setup, some of these cables MUST be routed through these holes in order to fit. And if you care about aesthetics, you obviously will want to run the CPU and 16pin mobo power cables through there, even if you just go for a single-system setup. I don't know which PSU's cables will or will not fit through the holes. My cables though, are now severely damaged at the bulges.I noticed Youtubers who reviewed this case like to complain about the SSD mounts. I'm not going to complain about them, as they work very well. However, I will say that Phanteks should include a big warning label for their customers, informing them not to stress the connectors on their SSDs when using these mounts. You'll be surprised how easy it is to snap off a SATA connector. I have been there before, with an HDD.Lastly, the little board on top of the case, near the front IO, begs some concern. I don't know if every Evolv X comes like this, but in my case this board is severely bent by the cables underneath it. This might be a assembly issue, but I suspect it is a design issue and there is just not enough space for the cables. In the middle, it is pushed up by multiple milimeters, which is a concerning amount for such a small board, and this leaves it in a rather apparent banana-shape. I have decided it is safest for me not to touch it, and leave it be.With all that in mind, we're now at a 7/10 maximum potential rating, as far as I'm concerned.== Assembly ==The assembly on my case was also poor. The case comes pre-installed with 3 case fans; 1 in the rear and 2 in the front. One of the rear fans, and one of the front fans came installed with 4 screws and no thread lock. However, the other front fan came installed with only 2 screws, and with thread lock. Now this is perhaps on me, but I did not immediately realize that one fan had thread lock on the screws, and managed to strip the thread on one corner by re-installing a screw that had thread lock on it. Please be careful, because due to the fairly soft plastics, it takes very little effort to completely strip the thread. Additionally, one of my front fans has a noisy hub, which I yet have to contact Highflow/Phanteks about. I have to assume this should be relatively easy to resolve, though.I'm knocking off another point here, which leaves us with a maximum potential of 6/10.== Build quality ==Build quality is great. Almost everything you touch, move, or remove feels great. Especially great is how easy it is to remove and install all the panels, and how smoothly the side windows open and close. The only plastic items in the case are the front IO housing, and the optional vertical GPU stand. Since everything else is metal, I would have liked to see these be metal as well, with some padding underneath the vertical GPU stand to avoid scratches. With such minor complaints however, build quality alone easily gets a 9 if not 9.5/10 from me.As a result, I'm of course not knocking off any points here.I could also rate the aestehetics, but aesthetics are very personal. Personally I do think this is one of the best looking cases out there, and that was also a big reason I bought this case in the first place. The only thing I don't like is the front RGB. It is way too loud for my taste, and I would prefer a low brightness option here. After trying different things, I opted to disable the front RGB by disconnecting the cable from the hub.== Price & Performance ==Do I think this case, in its dual-system form, is worth its price? No. Not once you factor in the accessories you will also need, when you consider the blatant issues you will need to deal or put up with, as you ponder why Phanteks hasn't put just a little more thought into designing this case.However, you don't get a lot of options for dual system cases, and this case can look really nice when it's all said and done. Though in my opinion, due to Phanteks' design flaws, this case is best used with a top-mounted 120/140mm AIO on the vertical system, and a tower cooler on the mITX system. Any bigger AIO would have to be front-mounted, compromising aesthetics and cooling. Any dual AIO setup would also require (at least) one front mount. And a top-down cooler or AIO on the mITX system would increase its VRM temps, unless you manage to find a way to get better airflow up there.Considering the price of this case and its clear focus on good aesthetics, I must subtract one more point here.== Final thoughts ==The Phanteks Evolv X is a very well-built case with looks that many will appreciate, but it is not without its issues. Its plentiful design problems and poor documentation make it easy to forget this is supposed to be a premium case. Phanteks force you to compromise on aesthetics, cooling performance, or both, where this could have easily been avoided with a slightly better thought-out design. Combine all its issues with its steep price, and it starts to feel like Phanteks only decided to add dual-system support as an afterthought, just so they could impress the media and gain exposure. My final rating? I hate to say it, but a mere 5/10. It does the job, and it looks pretty doing it. Even if it could have looked and performed better with minor design improvements, with would also lead to a lot less heachaches building in it.
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