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Hyperglide Mouse Skates RZ-1 - Razer Diamondback / Copperhead

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Hyperglide Mouse Skates RZ-1 - Razer Diamondback / Copperhead

Hyperglides for Razer Diamondback / Copperhead.

Hyperglides are the original high performance mouse skates made from 0.8mm of Pure Teflon®. Developed with the aid of pro-gamers and introduced in late 2003, they have - through attention to detail, quality and innovation - remained the best made skates available.

G-curve® technology - each skate is rounded on all sides and edges. This along with a perfectly curved shape totally eliminates drag and snagging found to occur with other brands of mouse skates.

Hyperglides outperform other Teflon® feet because of its superior construction and materials used.

You won't buy shoes that don't fit. That's why we offer skates for so many different mice.

Join the ranks of gamers round the world who "Feel the Difference" when using Hyperglides.

Instructions for installation:

More information:


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