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Lian Li EX-332NX All black HDD cage

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Lian Li EX-332NX All black HDD cage

HDD-cage voor 3x3,5" schijven inclusief een 120mm double ballbearing fan die op 1000RPM draait. Mounting holes voor 2,5" schijven zijn aanwezig, inclusief een rubberen ringset om vibraties tegen te gaan. Geschikt voor de meeste Lian Li kasten.

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Lian Li

I have a sliver one but the bottem side wall is seen tobe incorrected put together on the in-side as aposed to out side, Thus I cant install the lower hdd supporting plate.

I assume the guy the the pop-rivet gun was not having a good day and miss placed one side, but it in on the back so only the top two are fitable and usable.

Wonder if I can yank it out and re-rivet?  May be it's easer to buy new! Yep new is better - less markes on the cage.

Other wise, they are great units and from a GREAT Company.



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