Icy Box IB-554SSK 4-Bay Dual Channel SATA/SAS Backplane

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Icy Box IB-554SSK 4-Bay Dual Channel SATA/SAS Backplane

4bay Dual Channel SATA/SAS Backplane
‧ 4x 3.5" SATA or SAS HDD
in 3x 5.25" bay
‧ 2x host connector (dual channel)
for each SAS HDD
‧ Hard disk capacity not limited
‧ SATA host interface 3.0 Gbit/s
‧ HDD tray with key lock

For Heaviest Server Duty

These four HDD backplanes are well-proven in extremely hard server duty.

Even with highest transfer rates they run very smoothly. That’s why we recommend them for the demanding duty in RAID systems. Accordingly elaborate is the temperature control.

The aluminium parts dissipate the heat. The 80-mm fan operates reliably and silently. If necessary it is easily removed or attached, no tools needed. For the case of a too high temperature there are optical and acoustic signals.

All moving parts are layed out for strongest strain. The trays and their locking mechanism are extremely fitting. They slide without resistance. The aluminium parts are electropolished.

Model:  IB-554SSK 
Article No.:  55104 
EAN Code:  4250078184409 
Brand:  ICY BOX 
Category:  Backplane 
Colour:  Black 
Material:  Aluminium 
Required space:  3x 5.25" 
Carrier:  4x 
Fan:  1x 80x80x25 mm (Detachable) 
HDD size (inch):  3.5" 
HDD size (cm):  8.89 cm 
HDD capacity:  No limit 
HDD interface:  4x 3.5" SAS/SATA 
Host interface:  8x SATA (Dual Channel) 
Transfer rate:  Up to 3.0 Gbit/s 
Hot Swap:  Yes 
Plug & Play:  Yes 
Lock:  Yes 
Operating system:  OS independent 
Power connector:  2x Molex 4Pin (12+5 V) 
Alarm:  Audio alarm for fan failure and over-heat, Audio alarm mute switch button on the front, Alarm temperature adjustable (45°C, 55°C, 75°C) 
LED:  Power, Fan failure, Over heating, additional LED on each tray for HDD presence, access and failure 
Packing content:  1x IB-554SSK backplane, 8x case screw,18x HDD screw, 2x key, 2 sets of access and HDD fail signal cable, 4x SATA cable, 1x manual

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Icy Box

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