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SilverStone CFP53B HDD Cage Black

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Silverstone CFP53B HDD Cage Black

The CFP53 is a hard drive cage from the RAVEN RV02 chassis. It utilizes rubber grommets that are three times bigger than ones normally used for hard drives to drastically reduce noise created by hard drive vibration. With vertical mounting and opening on top and bottom of the cage, it is perfect for not only the RAVEN RV01/RV02 but also any chassis that has good ventilation.

Special Feature
Install up to three 3.5” hard drives
Vertically mounted suspension design
All black color blends into enthusiast chassis
Easy to install into standard 5.25” drive bays

 Color Black 
 Material Painted steel 
 Application 3 x 5.25” drive bays 
 Capacity 3 x 3.5" hard drives 
 Dimension 146mm(W) x 116mm(H) x 116mm(D) 
 weight 0.4kg


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