M4 x 30mm Schroeven met kop (4 Stuks)
Zondag, 10 December 2017, 00:28

Great for mounting  fans  on HardwareLabs radiators,but you do need to use washers with it because they are 30mm long and HL screws are 28mm long,and washers help bridge the gap and to prevent fin damage. I installed today in push pull config fans on the radiator and had no problems (washers can be  metal or rubber),I used metal washers with it. 

CableMod WideBeam Hybrid LED Kit - RGB / W - 60cm
Zondag, 10 December 2017, 00:13

Probably the best and strongest LED strip on the market in my opinion.The remote control works flawlessly .You do get an option on remote controle to dimm the lights,change colors,different lighting  effects like dimming,fade,flash,blink ,etc,and option to turn off white LED strip or LED RGB strip.Also ,RGB fusion compatible-works with no problem with my aorus gaming 9 z270 motherboard,you do get all the nessecery cabels and adapters for  motherboard RGB LED header.Attention: 

LED shines really strong and bright,but luckily you can adjust the brightness.

Aslo this strip is compatible with mixing with UV/RGB LED strip

Magnets are strong and they  really hold the strip strong.also adapter cabel  is long and  makes easy to do decent cable management.


Feser Tube UV - HighFlow - 3/8 ID - 1/2 OD - YELLOW
Woensdag, 6 December 2017, 08:50

Deze slang is wat harder, maar geeft wel een unieke kleur. Met deze slang kan de bochten ook maken bijvoorbeeld 90graden is gewoon gemakkelijk. Top slang is dit

Phanteks Halos Lux RGB Fan Frame - Aluminum - 140mm - Black
Donderdag, 30 November 2017, 16:43

Excelent shop with up-to-date stock indication. Strongly recommended!

I was looking for the aluminum Halos LUX frames from Phanteks. Soon I came to Higflow as they had the cheapest price. However, I was not familiar with the store and decided to read some shop reviews. I can briefly mention that everything I read has pleased me.

After a short visit to their website, I saw that they offered a variety of products that a standard store can not easily deliver. After a short correspondence by mail, whether they actually had the product in stock as indicated on the website, this was confirmed. I ordered this right away and I really liked the entire experience.

What I experienced as a positive is that the stock indication is very up-to-date and that the mails are quickly responded to. This is different for many other less well-known webshops and this alone deserves a big compliment. I am therefore confident that this webshop will capture the hearts of many hobbyists. One thing is certain, the reliability of this store is high for me and has won a new regular customer!

I had chosen shipping options to pick up the product at pick-up location in Rotterdam. I usually do this at web shops that I do not know. As an improvement point, I would like to suggest that the costs for pick-up on location are reduced to nil.

On the other hand, you get a lot in return. A very friendly face that welcomes you to pick up with whom you can easily chat. An extra bonus that I came across in a few reviews was that a chupa-chup was delivered. I can confirm this and this certainly contributes to a positive experience. This gesture alone shows me that this is really a business with a passion for hobbyists. But not only for the hobbyists, of course!

I can be brief about customer service: Excellent! You can expect a response very quickly and many other webshops should follow them in this regard. Both by mail and in person, I am full of praise for customer service. My advice if you want to contact the customer service, send them an email. The response rate is very high and fast and an email can never hurt. I have not tried the phone since they indicate neatly on the website that the response rate is lower than an e-mail and that not always someone is standby on the phone.

In short, if you want to reach customer service: send them an e-mail!

Highflow is highly recommended!
Black Ice Nemesis Radiator GTX 360 - Black
Dinsdag, 28 November 2017, 18:52

Great product and fast shipping.

Liquid.cool CFX 1000 Opaque Performance Coolant - 1000ml
Zondag, 26 November 2017, 13:37

Using the cheery red at the moment, love the colour and how bright it is. Miles better than anything else used before. No seperation or gunk

Bitspower G1/4 naar G1/4 (2x OD) Verbindingsstuk Rotary Matt Black BP-MBRG
Zondag, 29 Oktober 2017, 21:15

Volgens mij de beste verbindingsstukken van Bitspower, ze zijn rotary dus daarmee sluit je handig alles aan wat ook nog ruimte moet hebben om te draaien. Een valve of T-stuk bijvoorbeeld. 

Tip; draai voor de eerste keer aan beide zijden een fitting/onderdeel voor meer grip en draai het rotary gedeelte even door zodat deze wat losser komt. Draait daarna zeer soepel maar toch stevig zodat hij niet gaat lekken uiteraard.

- Alan8K

Alphacool 2-way ball valve G1/4 - Chrome - 17353
Zondag, 29 Oktober 2017, 21:10

Lekker goedkoop kraantje van Alphacool. Maar werkt als een tierelier, sluit goed af en kraantje gaat soepel open en dicht. Ik hoop dat deze goedkoop blijft!

- Alan8K

Hele nette fittingen van Bitspower. Je voelt dat je de beste kwaliteit in handen hebt als je ze vasthoudt.

Past perfect met Tygon E3603 - HighFlow - 7/16 ID - 5/8 OD - Clear. Kan helemaal dicht en is dan niet los te trekken.


- Alan8K

Tygon E3603 - HighFlow - 7/16 ID - 5/8 OD - Clear
Zondag, 29 Oktober 2017, 21:05

Mooie slang zoals je mag verwachten van Tygon. Zeer makkelijk te verwerken in je kast. Knikt ongeveer bij bochten vanaf 6-7 centimeter. Ligt er een beetje aan hoe strak je het wil natuurlijk. Mooi helder.