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Freeduino V1.16, with ATMEGA328

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Freeduino V1.16, with ATMEGA328

Freeduino is a collaborative open-source project to replicate and publish a completely open version of the Arduino project's closed PCB design. The resulting Freeduino Eagle SCH, BRD and Gerber production files will allow users to create boards that are 100% functionally, electrically and physically compatible with Arduino Decimilia board.

Freeduino V1.16 with ATMEGA328 microcontroller has 32KB Flash, 2K SRAM and 1K EEPROM, which provide double memory space of ATMEGA168 chip.

Arduino is one of the most popular prototyping/education platforms 2007. It's a physical computing platform based on a simple microcontroller board, and a development environment for writing software for the board.

Arduino community has created a compre- hensive development environment (IDE) for Windows, Mac and Linux, and a library on top of AVRGCC Ccompiler which makes for a clean and simple C code.

What is included
ONE Freeduino V1.16 with ATMEGA328, fully assembled & tested

Een van de vele mogelijkheden (in combinatie met leds):








Verder kan het bordje stand-alone gebruikt worden (wel eerst via USB het programma uploaden).

Ben er zeer tevreden mee.

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