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LCD Display Blue/White (HD44780) 16x2 Character

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LCD Display Blue/White (HD44780) 16x2 Character

Dual screens are now almost common place in the gaming world due to graphics cards having two outputs; each screen having millions of pixels always doing exactly what you tell them. It’s strange to think that a display capable of displaying a mere 16x2 characters is so appealing.

• HD44780 Controller
• Connects to PC Parallel port
• Power : 4pin Molex
• Cable length - 1.1m
• Blue LCD Backlight with white text

Dimensions: 80mmx36mmx22mm

On a side note, if you were wondering, the HD44780 controller is an industrial standard interface chip. There are many sites on the internet telling you on how you can interface with this chip. There are, fortunately, also lots of sites giving away free, open-source programs to run these displays.

Try LCDSmartie as one of our favourite pieces of software for this display:

Installation/Setup help, please refer to this page (LCD SMARTIE ONLY):

A short guide:
■Smartie currently only support 8bit wiring:
■First off all: check, check and recheck your wirings!
■if you get ANYTHING on your LCD, your wiring is likely to be (almost) correct.
■Second: Try setting the "timing multiplier" (in HD44780 options) to 5 and restarting.
■Third: check your bios, and turn your LTP port settings to EPP (sometimes ECP does work, but EPP is better)
■still not good? then you should take a good look at your LCD. The controller, and if it it REALY compatible with a HD44780 (the standard)
■If than your LCD don't work, it's proberbly broken or you didn't make the correct wiring


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