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MDPC-X Sleeve - BIG - 1 meter

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MDPC-X BIG cable sleeve covers a diameter range from ~12.0 mm to ~24 mm.
On very short distances you can get these highly expandable cable sleeves over objects of ~24.5 to ~25 mm in diameter.

These MDPC-X cable sleeves are typically used for big cables, tubes or wire-bundles.
Typical applications include: automotive cables and tubes, PC internal USB3 cables, HDMI cables, 110V to 240V or higher power cord (without plug at one side before installation), 13 mm / 16 mm / 19 mm outer-diameter tubes and hard-tubes in PC liquid cooling, Hi-Fi cables and much more.

When the cable sleeve is applied to objects at maximum diameter, the original length of the sleeve is reduced by almost 50% compared to a situation where it is applied to an object at minimum diameter.
Make sure to take this into consideration when calculating the length you order.

The BIG cable sleeve can cover objects, tubes, cables and cable bundles up to 24 mm outer diameter.
Of course this BIG cable sleeve can be used for smaller diameters than 12 mm as well, but then the inner object will be smaller than the sleeving.
Remembering this, you can also put the sleeving on cables with fixed HDMI connectors, PC internal USB3 connectors and similar on their ends.

- On the left side you see the BIG sleeve applied to an object of 22 mm OD.
- In the center you see BIG sleeve applied to a hard tube of 16 mm OD while the caps of the hardtube fittings are on top of the sleeving.
- On the right you see BIG sleeve applied to an object with a 12 mm OD, which perfectly fills the sleeving on the lower end of its diameter range while fully stretched lengthwise.
- Enjoy this BIG size for a new generation of MDPC-X sleeved custom cables and tubes only limited by your imagination.

Only MDPC is MDPC: The globally unique cable sleeves.
- MDPC cable sleeve is 100% Made in Germany - including all base-materials for our cable sleeve.
- Lead-free base-materials. No lead poisoning when inhaling fumes during shrinking / melting of MDPC cable sleeve.
- 100% Unique color quality in the world of cable sleeve. MDPC creates the most beautiful, saturated, brilliant and vivid colors.
- MDPC cable sleeve colors include Germany's high quality UV stabilizers to protect our cable sleeve at outdoor use.
- Highly expandable cable sleeve, perfectly right and not too tight. The universal solution for a wide range of applications.
- MDPC cable sleeve is made to the highest quality and protective standards of Germany's automotive industry.


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