Alphacool Eiscontrol Addressable RGB (ARGB) Controller - Black

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The next age is ushered in and it's called ARGB! For those who want to bring their modding to the next stage. The Alphacool Aurora Eiscontrol ARGB controller.

Tuned to you
Make your system unique. With the Icecontrol for addressable RGB all ARGB products can be controlled directly in different modes. Whether you like it simple or with a lot of bling-bling; the limits of the possible are dissolved here. Compatible with many popular ARGB products such as the new Alphacool Ice Block GPX 2080 / 2080Ti M02.

Compact and simple
Small but oho! He fits everywhere, does not stand out and still has unlimited possibilities. Different modes, individual speeds, constant color modes or just all the colors in common. You decide what goes on in your case. Due to the 3 easy-to-use buttons, the Aurora Eiscontrol requires no prior technical knowledge. The power supply is universal with a SATA plug and can be operated via any power supply.

Technical details
Connection: SATA
Output: 2x 3pin ARGB (5V)


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