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NZXT HUE+ RGB LED Controller - Advanced PC Lightning - White/Purple

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HUE+ lets you light up your system like never before. It is a digitally controlled lighting solution that combines intuitive software and versatile routing options to give you unprecedented PC illumination possibilities.

Using CAM software, the HUE+ includes 8 preset effects with in-depth customization.With dual-channel lighting output, each channel is capable of supporting up to 4 LED strips and can be configured to run separate effects. 

Setting up the HUE+ is both simple and versatile with directional and daisy-chained designed LED strips. With magnets built into the strips, quickly lay them onto any magnetic surfaces or use the double-sided tape to fix them into position to non-magnetic surfaces. 

Configuring your PC’s lighting effects just got easier.With Smart mode and the built-in Overlay functionality, HUE+ lighting effects reacts to your PC and makes your system come to life. 

With Audio mode, the HUE+ light effects reacts to the audio output of your PC. Whether it’s that latest sound track you are listening to or want to get a bigger kick out of that game you are playing, HUE+ beats to your system’s sounds. 


Output Channels 2
Output LED Quantity Up to 40 per channel
LED Strip Width 10mm
Output Channel Voltage DC 5V
Dimensions 100mm x 70mm x 23.5mm
Included Accessories 1 x 500 mm Extension cable
1 x 300mm Extension cable
2 x 100mm Extension cable
4 x Screws
5 x Cable ties
Material Steel, Plastic, PCB
LED Color Color changing RGB
Form Factor 2.5" Drive Bay
Connections 4 x LED Strip
1 x Molex Power
1 x Internal micro-USB cable
2 x 500mm Connection cable
Mounting HUE+ Body: Screws
LED Strip: Magnets and 3M Tape
LED Modes Presets: Static, Fading, Breathing, Marquee, Covering Marquee, Alternating, Spectrum Wave, Pulse
Smart: CPU Temperature, GPU Temperature, FPS
Custom: Customize each LED
Audio (Beta): HUE+ reacts to the changing audio output from your PC
LED Strip Length 300mm, 10-LED
Control Method CAM Software
Input Connector 5V Molex 4-pin connector
Warranty 2 years
gebruik hem in een H440 DBR en hij zit er top uit, mogelijk door het verduisterende zijpaneel is hij niet fel, de kleuren zijn fijn in te stellen en de controll unit is nog redelij klein/makelijk weg te werken. de magneten op de LED Strips zijn ok heel fijn, heb ze nog niet vast hoeven plakken de magneten houden hun goed genoeg op hun plaats (1 in behuizing, 2 op het zijpaneel).
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