CableMod WideBeam Hybrid LED Kit - 60cm

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Introducing WideBeam™ Hybrid LED Strips – the latest revolution in LEDs by CableMod. WideBeam Hybrid LED Strips combine WideBeam RGB LEDs together with UV LEDs on a single strip for a unique lighting effect. The UV LEDs are focused to help the UV light reach and illuminate your UV-reactive components, while the WideBeam RGB LEDs saturate the rest of your PC enclosure. With WideBeam Hybrid LED strips, you can have your UV components light up with a multitude of different background colors, giving your system a style all its own.

The concept of combining two types of LEDs onto one strip really comes together with the included 40-key remote control, which enables complete control of both the RGB and UV bulbs. Select from several different RGB lighting modes while controlling the UV LEDs independently. Best of all, the remote control and accompanying receiver use RF technology, which means direct line-of-sight is not required for operation.

CableMod WideBeam Hybrid LED Strips also come with two different adhesives. Strong rare-earth magnets embedded underneath the waterproof coating allow these strips to adhere effortlessly to magnetic surfaces like steel PC cases. For cases that are non-magnetic, a super-strong 3M adhesive is also included, making these LED strips suitable for virtually any surface.

Also included is a convenient Y-cable, which allows you to more conveniently connect your Hybrid LED Strips to different areas of your case, and to power everything, a SATA power cable ensures a trouble-free connection to your system.

Here’s what you get inside the package:

  • 1 x WideBeam Hybrid LED Strip
  • 1 x RF Remote Control
  • 1 x RF Receiver
  • 1 x Y Cable (50cm)
  • 1 x SATA Power Cable (15cm)
  • 1 x 5-pin Extension Cable (5cm)
  • 4 x 5-pin Connectors
  • 1 x Instruction Booklet

EAN: 0716894282520

UPC: 716894282520


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