Crimping Plier / Tool for Molex - AWG 18-28

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Crimping Plier / Tool for Molex - AWG 28-18 - SN-28B

Have you ever broken a pin on a power supply and found yourself using common household tools to try and crimp on a new pin?

With a Crimping Tool, you will no longer have to worry about whether or not your pins have a solid electrical connection.

With a wide range of acceptable AWG wire sizes (18 AWG - 28 AWG), this crimper provides versatility and compatibility in addition to safety.

This Crimping Tool is suitable for crimping all molex, fan and standard power connector pins for computer cable building and modding use. This crimping tool can be used to crimp both male and female versions of our crimp pins onto 18-28 AWG wires to make custom cables or fix broken pins. The tool offers ratcheting action for increased consistency and ease of use. A definite must have for cable modifiers and computer repairmen.

This tool offers an affordable, simple way to ensure that you will always have a reliable connection between your power supply, and your valuable components. 

The components of the ratchet crimping tools are made of special steel.
Designed according to human factors engineering, it can save 50% energy when crimping.
Precise crimping die sets and integral lock with self releasing mechanism ensure high-quality crimping effect after crimping repeatedly.
Accurate adjustment before ex works delivery.
Due to best handle grasping position, light and compact structure and handle design ensure perfect crimping effect.

• For Non-Insulated Tabs and Receptacles TAB 2.8mm²
• Capacity: 0.1-1mm² 28-18 AWG
• Length: 190 mm
• Weight: 0.37kg

Doet wat het moet doen, aanrader voor als je zelf kabels wilt maken.
Werkt perfect, deed het voorheen met een tang. Met deze crimper gaat het een stuk sneller en beter!
Ik heb deze gekocht om mijn eigen 24-pins ATX, videokaart en andere kabels te maken. Heb er meer dan 100 pins mee gekrimpt en het werkt nog perfect.
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