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AC Ryan Backy 3x Molex Black ACR-BX3978

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AC Ryan Backy 3x Molex Black ACR-BX3978

3x Molex Female external rear, Black
1x Molex Male internal, Black
Black FlexSleeved cable

Most commonly used Molex 4pin power connector, mainly found on PSUs for HDD, CD/DVD drives, 5.25" devices, lights, some fans etc. (shown in left picture, right most). 3x external Molex makes sure that you'll always be able to power up a PC device without opening your system!

Black sleeved cable with the internal Molex Male connector connects to the power supply for power.

All connectos are black for that neutral all-back look.

Backy™ is a new system that gets your internal connectors onto the outside - eh, as the name suggests - at the back. Fan power connectors, molex power connectors, ATA data connector, SATA data connectors... now you don't have to open up your casing each time you want to test a fan, or borrow your friend's hard disk!!

Affordable and simple to use, Backy™ is for everyone but esp. the reviewers, testers, modders, DIYers... Backy™ is easily installed in your standard rear PCI slot of your casing. Some of you guys leave an empty slot and let a molex cable hang nastily out of the casing - now you've got Backy, functional and looks neat and professional.

Besides testing fans, lights, etc and installing borrowed HDDs, why else would you want external power? Only your imagination limits the uses - we've heard of stuff like external LCD display, external fan, external lights (eg. under-carriage lighting), ... you tell us!!

All Backy™ uses color-coordinated Connectx™ connectors.

AC Ryan says: "Better designed cables is the foundation to professional cable management."

AC Ryan

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