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EK-Loop OmniLink 6-Pin Power (dual PWM)

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EK-Loop OmniLink 6-Pin Power (dual PWM) cable is the starting point of the OmniLink cable harness with the necessary 6-Pin power, D-RGB, and dual 4-Pin PWM connectors. The OmniLink cable allows for easy transmission and distribution of +12V and +5V Power, PWM, TACHO, and D-RGB signals. The cable features a stylish black ribbon cable for easy build integration and cable management.

This cable will not draw any power from your motherboard/controller headers since +5V and +12V are connected directly to the PSU. Thus raising the maximum current available to 8.5A for D-RGB and 8.5A for fans/pumps.


- EK-Loop OmniLink 6-Pin Power (dual PWM) cable

- 6-Pin Power Connector

Technical Specifications:

- Molex Micro-fit 3.0 8-pin Female connector to:

  • 1x 6-Pin Power Connector (Pinout PSU Dependent)
  • 1x 4-Pin PWM 1 Source Fan Female Connector (Blank, Blank, TACHO, PWM)
  • 1x 4-Pin PWM 2 Source Fan Female Connector (PWM signal only)
  • 1x 3-Pin D-RGB LED Source Female Source Connector (Data line only)

- Cable length: 500±10mm

- Color: Black

- Power Wire gauge: AWG20

- Signal Wire gauge: AWG22

- Molex Micro-fit Connector current rating: 8.5A

- Power Cable current rating: 8A

- Signal Cable current rating: 6A

-“PWM 1” labeled connector is the default, available on other OmniLink Splitter cables; EK-Loop OmniLink 6-Pin Power (dual PWM) is required to control the secondary PWM signal

- TACHO signal only on “PWM 2” labeled connector

EK-Loop OmniLink 6-Pin Power (dual PWM) cable is compatible with all EK OmniLink products, standard 4-pin PWM fan/pump motherboard headers, and standard 5V D-RGB (ARGB) connectors used by most major motherboard manufacturers. The cable 6-pin Power connector needs to be assembled manually by following the desired PSUs pinout diagram, as it connects directly to the modular PSU Peripheral/SATA power output.

This cable must be used with the EK-Loop OmniLink Pump PWM Signal Splitter to get the correct values of TACHO since the TACHO signal is wired in such a way as to read the speed of the device, which is controlled by the PWM2 signal. That means the user won't be able to get TACHO readings from devices controlled by the PWM1 signal.

6-pin power dual PWM cable omnilink 


Designed in Slovenia, made in China


  • If EK-Loop FPT fans are placed at the start of the OmniLink series, it limits the current to 4.5A due to the thinner wire gauge of the cable.
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