MDPC-X 23-AWG Hook-Up Wire Grey

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Stranded 23 AWG hook-up wire Grey, of course 100% tinned copper, no markings and coming as a beautiful large inner diameter ring to prevent spiral shaping as much as technically possible.

Grey hookup wire is perfect to keep the intensity of all medium and light cable sleeving colors at a totally neutral level, just between the subtle differences which Grey or C-White wire create when used as the base for cable sleeving.

Maximized conductor size for lowest resistance, minimized outer diameter: This is the uncompromising MDPC-X 23 AWG hook-up wire Grey, of course 100% made in Germany.

What's better than a high cross-sectional diameter?
An even higher one! The bigger the cross-sectional diameter, the lower the electrical resistance. Heating issues at high load? Not anymore!

28 AWG or 26 AWG is the typical size in the PC industry for cooling fans and the internal wiring of internal Audio, Front-Panel, USB, Fan, LED etc. ... until now. MDPC-X raises the bar to a far bigger conductor size of 23 AWG, because we can. The outer diameter of only 1.30 mm allows you to use 23 AWG now in the same way as you used 28/28/24 AWG before - without any troubles getting the wires into the connectors. It is the perfect wire for all our small crimp terminals (fans, internal 2.54 grid, "duPont" etc.). This wire will not be exceeded anymore in electrical performance for these smaller connections. This is the maximum - ahead of the industry.


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