Alphacool Aurora HardTube LED ring 13mm deep black - RGB

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What is it?

The Alphacool Aurora LED HardTube ring is the perfect way to light up HardTubes.
The Aurora LED rings simply slide onto the HardTube. This unique solution provides various ways to customize the individual appearance of your system.


Six RGB LEDs for optimum illumination
Easy to install
For HardTubes with 13 and 16mm outer diameter
Elegant Eiszapfen finish

As of right now, you can customize and illuminate your system even more with the Aurora HardTube LED rings. The rings are made of brass and fitted with six LEDs inside. The outer finish is exactly the same as the high-quality finish used in the Eis- product series. The power connection is through a classic 3-pin plug with a 30cm long fine-sleeved cable. The rings are easy to slide over the HardTubes and provide a bright, powerful light at the desired spot, illuminating the HardTube and the coolant. Since the Aurora LED rings can be slid freely over the HardTubes, you can design the setup in nearly any way you want and find the perfect look for your system.

Technical Details

Dimensions (DxH): 20 x 18mm
Casing: Brass Deep Black
LED colour: RGB
Cable: 3Pin 30cm
Scope of Delivery

1x Alphacool Aurora HardTube LED ring 13mm deep black RGB


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