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Prolimatech PK-1 Nano Aluminium Thermal Compound 5g

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Prolimatech PK-1 Nano Aluminium Thermal Compound 5g

Powerful thermal compound from Prolimatech with outstanding performance. 5g syringe.

The so far rather unknown manufacturer Prolimatech already managed to excel with their first product - the Megahelens CPU cooler - being one of the best coolers available.

But more products are to come, and with the PK-1 thermal compound the next excellent product was introduced. Both user friendliness as well as performance are of course exceptional.

But this compound is also handy: It can be stored for a long timespan, barely dries out, requires no burn-in time, causes no corrosion and is electrically non-conductive. But it also has small yet pleasant details: The compound is shipped with a small rectangular card for easy and even distribution of the thermal compound.

Technical specifications:
Amount: 5g
Density: 3,2 g/cm³
Thermal resistance: 0,017 °C -in²/Watt
Thermal conductivity: 10,2 W/m°C


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