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Mayhems Dye Red 15ml

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Mayhems Dye Red 15ml

Mayhems DyeCandy Red 15ml is a Candy Red looking dye under normal light.
Mayhems Dye Candy Red 15ml
Mayhems Dyes have been produced for the water cooling section of the pc market.

Each dye has under gone months of testing to make sure it works well with in a water cooling loop.
Dye Colour under normal light Candy Red
Dye Colour under UV light None
Amount 15ml
Mixing Yes
Additives None 
Shelf Life 2 years

How to use
•First make sure you water cooling loop is clean before use.
•Add 1 drop of dye at a time to your water cooling loop.
•Wait a few seconds between each drop as mayhems dye is very strong.
•Regularly maintain you cooling system by cleaning it out every 6 to 12 months.
•Use a Kill coil or PT Nuke or Mayhems Biocide.
•Certain Inhibitors can block you water cooling system only use recommend ones.
•These dyes will stain your system over a period of time depending on the amount used.
•Over 9000 Hrs testing time in real world environments
•Bio Safe
•No harmfull addatives used.
•Can be used with all Current none alcohol pre mixed liquids. This includes Feser, Thermo chill, primo chill pre mixes.
•Environmentality frendly
•None Toxic
•The strongest water cooling dyes ever produced.
•All Mayhems dye can be mixed with each other to produce any colour you like.
•Mayhems Dyes pass through 4 filter Levels.
•Very high qualty control.


Important Note:
Mayhems fluids void the warranties offered by the following manufacturers:
Koolance, Phobya, Alphacool, Aqua Computer, Watercool.
Use is therefore at one’s own risk.

More info about Mayhems liquid can be found here:

Erg mooie kleur rood in het begin maar na een paar maand begind het paars te worden ipv rood. Dit kan misschien wel aan de grote hoeveelheid vloeistof in mijn systeem (3 liter)
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