FLOW XDC 500LPH Pump / Tube Reservoir - 100mm

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The FLOW XDC's unique enthusiast design sets this Pump apart from the competition, offering an optimized pump top design for increased LPH than other brands which use the same pump.

The top is a CNC machined Acrylic, clean transparent finish featuring and the Reservoir body from high quality Acrylic Tube ensuring this product will be free from leaks both top and reservoir are sealed by a leak-free NBR O-rings.

The FLOW XDC has 3x G1/4" ports and a 5mm LED lighting at the back of the Pump Top, and includes a 5mm White LED as standard.

Technical Data:
Material: High quality CNC Machined Acrylic + Acrylic Tube
Thread size: G1/4"
Dimensions: 61 x 61 x 145 mm (including pump)
Reservoir size: 100 x 50 x 50 mm

Pump Spec:
Rated voltage: 12V DC
Power consumption: 6W
Power connector: 4Pin Molex Passthrough
Noise level: 20dBa +/- 2dBa
Maximum pressure head: 3.6m
Maximum flow: 500 Lph
Maximum system temperature: 50°C

1x XDC Pump + Top with 100mm Tube Reservoir installed
2x L Shape mounting brackets
2x Reservoir clamps
1x White 5mm LED
1x G1/4" Blank cap
1x Instructions


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