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Innovatek HPPS Plus - 12V Pump

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Innovatek HPPS Plus - 12V Pump

The Innovatek HPPS Plus 12V pump (based on the Eheim) is the upgraded and improved flagship pump from Innovatek. It is an power boost and performance upgrade upon the design of the original HPPS 12V Pump that has been used and relied upon by the thousands. The 20% improvement in the pump's discharge head puts it at an impressive 2.05 meters (6.7 feet). Even with the power increase it still only consumes 3 Watts of power to operate.

This pump is designed for use with Innovatek cpu blocks and reservoirs. The Innovatek Plug-On Reservoirs are designed to mate with this pump with no extra parts.

Special Operating Modes:
The HPPS Plus has several operating modes for specialists and special applications besides the normal mode it is set to when the pump is delivered (6.7 foot discharge head).

NOTE: The normal mode is more than sufficient for 99% of the users. Innovatek added the other two special modes for advanced users with special applications.

Changing the modes will VOID THE WARRANTY. To change the mode - pull off the blue end cap, extract the control board and move the jumpers to the setting you want to use.

It features a "Silent" and a "Power" mode.

Silent Mode: In Silent Mode the microprocessor in the pump changes the operating instructions the pump's drive so the pump becomes completely "inaudible". The pump however loses some pumping performance (5.4 foot discharge head - which is still more than sufficient.)

Power Mode:In Power Mode the pump's microprocessor boosts the maximum operating voltage to bring the discharge head closer to 13 feet and looks independently for the maximum possible operating point! The pump will no longer be very quiet, but the performance increase is signifcant.

Normal Mode (delivery condition): This is the compromise between maximum performance and minimum noise. This is generally the optimal operating condition in normal water cooling systems - the pump is almost inaudible and still has extreme performance (6.7 foot discharge head).

Warning: Use of fluids other than the Innovatek Protect family is not recommended. Innovatek will not RMA defective products that have used alternative fluids, including UV Dyes. Do not use alcohol based cleaners on innovatek products.

Did you know?
The innovatek Protect Products are the only licensed corrosion protection fluids in the PC-field that are officially approved by EHEIM for their pumps. Why take risks? Be save and trust the specialists!

Download English User Manual (PDF 90 kB)

  • More Power - with a clear increase of the pumping power and enough pressure for even the largest water cooling systems
  • Maximum lift of 6.7 feet, more power than the Eheim 1048!
  • Amazingly Quiet
  • Improved oscillation recognition with an automated restart feature
  • Genuine 12V System - no high voltages inside the pump
  • Revised Motor System - enormous increases in efficiency!
  • Designed for constant running and extreme reliability
  • Quick Start Feature
  • Genuine 12V operation - no high voltage cables inside your PC


Name: Eheim HPPS 12V Pump
Voltage: 12V
Nominal Power: 3W
Maximum Head: 2.05 m (6.7 ft)
Maximum Discharge: 500 L/h (132.1 gal/h)
Connectors: (1) screw-in 8mm ID tubing compression fitting
Dimensions (L x W x H): 125 x 55 x 65 mm
Weight: 500g 

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