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Alphacool Eispumpe VPP755 - single edition - 13294

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Alphacool is announcing the next evolution in pump technology with the VPP755 Eispump. This pump, technologically a completely new development, throws out all the old problems with the well-known D5 pumps and retains only the compatibility to all current D5 tops and brackets. The VPP755 Eispump dispenses with the spherical bearing and opts instead for a ceramic shaft that makes for quieter operation. The motor’s coils are now on the outside instead of inside. All of this provides more stability, which results in less vibration. It also means the power consumption is cut nearly in half. Yet the VPP755 Eispump still boasts a 4m maximum head for higher performance. The VPP755 Eispump is also distinctly quieter than the classic, well-known D5 pump while providing the same performance.

One of the innovations of the VPP755 Eispump is its many control options. The 4-pin molex connection provides the power, and plugs directly into the power supply.

If desired, the 3-pin connection can be used to read the pump’s RPM. This can be connected to the corresponding motherboard or to a fan controller.

Through the 4-pin PWM connection, the pump can be controlled by PWM as usual. The RPM can be read through the 4-pin PWM connection as well.

On the backside of the pump there is a small rotary switch, the same as on the VPP655 Solo. This switch has 5 levels for manually controlling the pump. The unique thing here is that the manual control and PWM control can now work together – a system patented by Alphacool. Using the rotary switch, the general maximum RPM for the pump can be set, which then cannot be exceeded by the PWM control. Practically, this means that if the pump is set to level 3 with a maximum RPM of 3200, you can also only reach a maximum RPM of 3200 through the PWM control.

Now every user can set exactly how the pump should run, and in what RPM range, even if the PWM control on the motherboard or fan controller has few settings.

Visually, some changes have also been made. The VPP755 Eispump is about a centimetre shorter than the classic D5 pump and has an aluminium cap. The pump looks elegant and fits perfectly into a modern system.

The Alphacool VPP755 Eispump is an improvement over the classic D5 pump VPP655 in every respect. In no area is it weaker or louder than its predecessor, and it offers new options for controlling the pump according to your wishes.

Technical Specifications
•Dimensions (DxH): 60 x 53,5mm
•Cable length: 50cm
•Standard voltage: 12V DC
•Power consumption: 14W
•Accepted voltage: 8-13v DC
•Pressure at 12V: 4m head
•Maximum flow: 350l/h
•Pump fluid: water, water/glycol mixture
•Maximum system temperature: 65°C
•Power connection: 4-pin Molex
•Speed sensor signal: 3-pin
•PWM signal: 4-pin
•Special features: adjustable to five levels
◦Level 1: 1800 RPM
◦Level 2: 2500 RPM
◦Level 3: 3200 RPM
◦Level 4: 3900 RPM
◦Level 5: 4500 RPM

Scope of Delivery
•1x Alphacool Eispumpe VPP755 - Single Edition

Important Note:
Not suitable for continuous operation with liquids containing Titanium Dioxide or Glycerol.
Typically, many pastel colors use these additions, like Mayhems Pastel fluids.
Using these fluids will void the warranty!
Removing the impeller from the ceramic axis results in an overstretch of the upper clamping ring and thus its destruction!
If the pump is reassembled and used, the pump will lose its power, this is not covered by the warranty.


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