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Alphacool NexXxoS UT60 Full Copper Dual-Flow 360mm Radiator

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Alphacool Dual-Flow radiators were developed specifically for use in servers. The ability to run two separate loops through one radiator is unique. There are also advantages to using them in a single loop as you can split the cooling surface and use it directly behind hotspots.

What does dual flow mean?
The water flow in a classic radiator is in a U-shape. Water is introduced on one side, runs once through half of the radiator before turning around and running back through the other half. The outlet is on the same side as the inlet. In an X-Flow radiator, the water flows once from left to right completely through the radiator. The inlet and outlet are on opposite sides. With the Dual-Flow Radiator, the water flows from one side to the other just like the X-Flow. However, the Dual-Flow Radiator is divided in the middle. You could also say the Dual-Flow Radiator is nothing more than two small X-Flow Radiators in one.

What are the advantages?
In most server racks, space is extremely limited and being able to do fancy loops is not usually an option. Due to this you can utilise the radiator to simplify the loop and reduce the amount of tubing needed. In some test scenarios, we have even seen an increase in performance from the loop due to this method too.

Many connection and mounting options
The radiator offers 3 connection options at each input and output. In total, the radiator has 12x G1/4" connections. Thus, versatile mounting requirements can be met. The radiator comes with all screws for mounting inside a case or server rack and for mounting the fans. Additional screws are usually not needed. There is also a protective plate between the mounting holes and the cooling fins. This is to prevent overly long screws from damaging the cooling fins and cooling channels.

Choice of materials
Alphacool is the only manufacturer in the world to use only copper in all water-carrying parts in the radiator. The pre-chambers and the cooling channels are made of copper. The connection threads are made of brass and the cooling fins are also made of copper. Only the side parts to protect the cooling fins are made of sheet steel. 

Technical data

  • L x W x H: 415 x 125 x 60 mm
  • Material cooling fins, cooling channels, prechambers: copper
  • Material outer housing: steel
  • Fins per Inch: 12
  • Threads: 12x G1/4“
  • Thread size fan mounting: M3
  • Fan size: 120 mm
  • Fan slots: 3 one-sided / 6 double-sided
  • Pressure tested: 1,5 bar
  • Max working temperature: 60 °C

Download Datasheet PDF: Alphacool NexXxoS UT60 Full Copper Dual-Flow 360mm Radiator


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