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Black Ice Nemesis Radiator GTS 280 - Black

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Onze prijs:  94,95  (78,47  excl. BTW)
Prijs in waardepunten: 393 punten
Punten verdiend: 8 punten

De Black Ice® pc-radiatoren luidden meer dan 10 jaar geleden het begin van professionele pc-waterkoeling met de Black Ice® Pro- en Xtreme-serie. Deze werden gevolgd door de volgende Black Ice® Gen Two-, GTS®- en GTX® PC-radiatoren, die ongekende prestaties leveren voor warmtewisselaars met een compacte vormfactor.
De Black Black NEMESIS® ervaring Ice geavanceerde pc-radiatoren zijn het resultaat van meer dan tien warmtewisselaarontwerp in ultracompact wisselaarontwerp. Black Ice® NEMESIS®-radiatoren zijn van Supercruise™-optimalisaties die de kenmerken voorzien voor een nog bredere scala aan ventilatorsnelheden

Strikt gemaakt binnen de RoHS-specificaties hebben radiatoren, een verbeterd debiet, wat wordt aan tot 15% meer "buisoppervlak" zal en waarschijnlijk gewilde artiesten maken. Met zijn 16 FPI heeft Hardware Labs Black Ice Nemesis oorsprongszelf, vooral op zeer stille ventilatoren met lage snelheden (onder de 800 omw/min). Maar zelfs met prestatieventilatoren schaalt de warmtewisselaar uitstekend.
Hardware Labs biedt een beperkte levenslange garantie rechtstreeks bij de fabrikant op alle Nemesis-producten.

Technische gegevens:
Afmetingen: 153 x 29,6 x 312 mm (B x H x D)
Materiaal: Koper (kern), messing (atria)
Kleur: Zwart (Donkere Materie)
Geschikte ventilator: 2x zijde 140 mm (M4-schroefdraad)
Vindichtheid: 16 FPI
Draad: 2x G1 / 4 inch
Fabrieksgarantie: levenslang

Let op: Hardware Labs geeft zelf een warmteafvoerend vermogen aan van maximaal 350 watt voor deze radiator en raadt hem die aan voor het koelen van bijvoorbeeld een enkele NVIDIA of AMD grafische kaart van een 8-core processor. In dit geval is de bediening voorzien van een aan de zijkant gemonteerde 120 mm ventilator.

HW Labs
A thin radiator for sure, but many proper reviews show than thin rads are just more space efficient in terms of cooling. The real advantages here are the exceptional quality, and the fact that it is one of the smallest 280mm radiators out there, meaning that this premium radiator is sure to fit in your case if the specs allow for one. The lack of any branding on the sides also means that your build remains clean as can be.
Well what can I say? It is very well regarded slimline HWLabs radiator. Everytime questions about which radiator to use, slim line HWLabs radiator always pop up. I’ve always using EK products and using PE 360 however since their slim line is considered below average and I need as much cooling as possible to reach 5.2 GHz prime95 stable with my 9900K so this time around I decided to try HWLabs to be paired with my EK PE 360 and see if they live up to their name. So here’s my honest review you can trust. Firstly the build quality, the frame is very sturdy, however the microfin was very thin it is very susceptible to accidental bend even if only hitting fingernail. I recommend to protect the fins with a piece of cardboard during handling and installation. The paint job was well done it is quite thick, take me sometime to sand them down in order to repaint with color of my choice. However, I noticed that the inside of the frame was not painted properly it exposes partial brass/copper color which is a minus for me since it is actually can be seen from the sides with typical installation. Not that it affects me since I repaint it myself however for some people they might find it annoying. It can be easily fixed with a can of spray paint though. The original color is no longer dark matter finish but now they used carbon black color which I think is nice because not everyone liked dark matter finish and carbon black obviously will match with more cases out there. Now they also have white color, which is also sold by highflow.nl. Installation was easy, the bolt they used is standard M4 bolts (included) which is not compatible with bolts from some other manufacturer. The mounting hole is very precise however the distance between fans is very tight which makes it difficult to install fans with vibration pads such as Noctua industrial fans which I use however other fans will sit very nicely. Now the actual performance, it was performing very well. With both PE 360 and GTS 280 I managed to drop my cpu temp further around 12 degrees at full load compared with when I only use single PE 360 allowing me to go 5.2 GHz with my 9900K. I have not tried using only GTS 280 without PE360 however judging from the 12 degrees temp drop even with other bigger radiator in the loop means it performing very well. During normal usage my fans was dead silent and only ramped up under stress test/benchmarks. Lastly words around the internet is that this particular radiator have very high flow restriction similar as waterblock which probably is why it performed very well. I didn’t see any issue with my single d5 pump at all so I believe no need to worry too much about it except if you have very large loop with many waterblocks and rads. Overall performance wise it does lived to it’s name minus some minor issue I mentioned above. I hope this review will help someone. Thank you.
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