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Watercool MO-RA3 360 LT Black - 25000

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The MO-RA3 is a heat exchanger featuring excellent cooling performance and various possibilities of application. Its reliability allows for usage in workstation and server environments and it is sturdy enough for industrial applications. And, of course, it is powerful enough to cool even the hottest gaming PC. True to the slogan “there is no replacement for surface but more surface”, the MO-RA3 uses 28 m copper tubing and 2.5 square meter of aluminium fins for excellent heat transfer from cooling fluid to ambient air.

The cooling fluid passes the 72 tubes in a four-time parallel layout. This design and the flow-optimised connection block ensure a low flow-resistance, despite the large size of the heat-exchanger. The connection block improves flexibility as well by providing G1/4“ threads in three directions. The fins of the MO-RA3 have been optimised specifically for low-rpm fans. Their enormous surface and effective geometry guarantee excellent cooling performance.

The feaures of the Watercool MO-RA3 360 LT Black 

  • The MO-RA3 LT allows mounting of fans on only one side, but the user may choose this side freely. The fan bracket can be easily moved to the other side or replaced with the fan bracket for 180 mm fan (included).
  • The MO-RA3 PRO allows mounting of fans on both sides, thus using twice as much fans, as the MO-RA3 LT. The double-sided mounting enables an effective push-pull operation.
  • Additional threads are integrated for accessories. Select from various grills, feet, and external mounting brackets.
  • The MO-RA3 is shipped ready to use, except for fans and fittings. This includes G1/4“ sealing plugs for unused threads, screws for fans, and spacers for mounting it onto a case.
  • The MO-RA3 is produced in Europe. Development and final assembly happens in Germany, like the manufacturing of most of its components.

Possible Fan configurations

MO-RA3 360 LT

Nine 120 x 120 x 25 mm fans (mounting brackets preinstalled)

or four 180 x 180 x 25 mm fans (mounting brackets included)  

MO-RA3 360 PRO

Eighteen 120 x 120 x 25 mm fans (mounting brackets preinstalled)

or eight 180 x 180 x 25 mm fans (mounting brackets included)

Screw kits for fans of greater height are available.


  • Material core: Copper (tubes), aluminium (fins),
  • Material casing: Powder-coated steel (black), polished stainless steel
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 415.5 x 383 x 65 mm
  • Weight: approx. 6500 g
  • Pressure tested: 5 bar
  • Threads: 6x G ¼” (DIN ISO 228-1)


  • 1x MO-RA3 360 LT black
  • 4x Screw Plug G ¼”
  • 4x Spacers M4x20 mm
  • 1x Fan brackets and fan mounts for 120 mm fans (preinstalled)
  • 1x Fan bracket and fan mounts for 180 mm fans
  • 1x Screw kit for 25 mm heigh fans
  • 1x Manual

Ik heb net mijn 2de besteld! Ik heb het met de wall-mount aan mijn pc gehangen (met karwei muur plak spijker). Met 9x140 Noctua's. Nu wil ik de 2de tegen de fans aanzetten. Dus ipv fan push-pull, rad aan beide kanten vande fans. Daarnaast heb ik 2x140 slim boven in de kast en 2x140 thick aan de voorkant. Ik haal namelijk net geen 30 graden water met low fan settings. 7980xe op 4.8Ghz en 2080TI ;)

Wat eeb beest is dit ding toch! Zo groot en dik heb ik ze nog nooit gezien! Met dit ding kan ik mijn Vega64 en 1700 passief koelen, hoe cool is dat?! Kort samengevat, een monster. Als de ruimte die hij inneemt je niks uitmaakt, doe het!

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