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Alphacool Eisbecher D5 150mm Acetal reservoir incl. 1x Alphacool Eispumpe VPP755

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Our price:  119,95  (99,13  excl tax)
Price in points: 496 points
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This Eisbecher is the larger brother of the DDC version. The pump is fixed by means of a mounting ring which holds the pump with eight screws. The illumination of the Plexi version is possible here with four LEDs which are plugged into the pump base. The illumination from above enables the lighting module. Tubes and bubble-downs also perform faulty work here. The mounting is made here either by means of the brackets or by means of the stand feet included in the scope of supply. If there is room in the 3.5 "HDD slots in the housing, threads are also provided for this in the pump base.

Scope of delivery:
8x M4x12mm screw
8x M4x8mm screw
4x M4 nut
1x montagering
1x O-ring ID approx. 54mm
2x stand
1x hex wrench 2,5mm

Dimensions 150mm Version:
Dimensions incl. Bracket without stand feet (LxWxD): 176 x 136 x 80mm
Dimensions without bracket including stand feet (LxWxD): 223,5 x 87,5 x 80mm
Plexi diameter: 60mm
The VPP755 ice pump
The Alphacool VPP755 ice pump is in every respect an advance over the classic D5 pump VPP655. In no area is it weaker or louder than its predecessor and offers instead new possibilities to control the pump according to your own wishes.

Technical specifications
Dimensions (DxH): 60 x 53.5mm
Cable length: 50cm
Standard voltage: 12V DC
Power consumption: 14W
Permissible voltage: 8-13V DC voltage
Pressure at 12V: 4m water column
Maximum flow: 350l / h
Pump medium: water, water / glycol mixture
Maximum system temperature: 65 ° C
Power connection: 4 pin Molex
Tacho signal: 3Pin
PWM signal: 4Pin
Special features: Adjustable in five steps
Step 1: 1800 rpm
Step 2: 2500 rpm
Step 3: 3200 rpm
Step 4: 3900 rpm
Step 5: 4500 rpm
Alphacool Eisbecher D5 150mm acetal incl. 1x Alphacool ice pump VPP755

Removing the impeller from the ceramic shaft will cause the upper ceramic clamping ring to over-expand, which will destroy it! Removal will void the pump’s warranty!
If the pump is put together again and put back into operation, the clamping ring will loosen, which is not accepted as grounds for a return or exchange...

Hele leuke pomp. Wel oppassen dat je de pomp via het moederbord aanstuurt. Wanneer de pomp alleen via de molex aangesloten is krijg je zoveel luchtbellen in het reservoir dat het een schuimige massa lijkt. Stel je de pomp in op 20% via het moederbord dan krijg je zelfs nog luchtbellen in het reservoir. Maar die gaan niet mee de slangen in. Bij hogere temperaturen laat ik de pomp niet sneller draaien, maar laat ik de fans sneller draaien. Wat heel goed werkt. Als ik van te voren had geweten van de luchtbellen, had ik voor een langer/hoger tube reservoir gekozen.
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