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Singularity Computers Protium 2.0 ARGB 150 D5 Reservoir Combo - Acrylic Black

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The SC Protium 2.0 ARGB 150 D5 Reservoir Combo achieves a whole new level of versatility and features. The unique 90-degree pump top design allows more mounting and port options than ever before. There are 3 outlet ports, and 4 inlet ports. The combo has ports on 4 sides, even on the bottom. The combo can be mounted from 4 different sides with 270-degree mounting and vertical mounting. The cap uses a retention ring design for 360-degree rotation and increased durability and is recessed in case of overflow during filling.

The combo comes with two integrated custom ARGB/DRGB PCBs. The rear part of the D5 Pump Cover is a PCB which creates a glow from the back of the Pump Cover. There is an LED ring which lights up the pump top, reservoir, and the coolant inside. 

The back plate is universal for mounting onto 120mm or 140mm wide radiators, fans or fan mounting positions. The pump cover is a 3-piece design for full compatibility with all D5 pumps including the Aquacomputer D5 Next. It comes in three different colors/materials, Clear Acrylic with Black or Silver metal and Black Acetal with Black Metal.

Specifications & Included Items:

  • SC Protium 2.0 ARGB 150 D5 Reservoir Combo Includes:
  • SC Protium 2.0 Pump Top: Clear Cast Acrylic or Black Acetal. CNC Machined.
  • SC Protium 2.0 Reservoir Cap: Clear Cast Acrylic or Black Acetal. CNC Machined.
  • SC Protium 2.0 Reservoir Tube: Clear Cast Acrylic. CNC Machined Length: 150mm. Diameter: 60mm.
  • SC Protium 2.0 Inlet Tube: Clear Cast Acrylic.
  • SC Protium 2.0 Reservoir Retention Ring: Black or Silver. Anodized. CNC Machined.
  • SC Protium 2.0 ARGB D5 Cover: Black or Silver. Anodized. CNC Machined. 1.6mm PCB Black. Addressable ARGB/DRGB 5V: 6 LEDs. Back 500mm Cable.
  • D5 Pump Anti Vibration Foam.
  • SC Protium 2.0 ARGB Ring: Frosted Cast Acrylic or Black Acetal. CNC Machined. 1.6mm PCB Black. Addressable ARGB/DRGB 5V: 6 LEDs. Back 500mm Cable.
  • SC Universal Backplate: Black or Silver. Anodized. CNC Machined.
  • O-Rings: Silicone 70 Durometer White x3 (D5 x1. Reservoir x2). Buna 50 Durometer Black G1/4” x5.
  • Stop Fittings x3: Brass. CNC Machined. Powder coated Black. Laser Etched.
  • Stop Plugs: x2: Brass. CNC Machined.
  • Fasteners: M4 x 6mm Stand Offs Brass x2. M4 x 8mm CS x2.
  • Weight: 0.65kg.
  • Dimensions: H: 250mm W: 78mm D: 90mm.
  • Packaged Weight: 0.75kg.
  • Packaged Dimensions: H: 270mm x W: 85mm x D: 90mm.


Mounts onto any 120mm or 140mm wide radiator, fans or fan mounting position. 

Compatible with all D5 Pumps including the Aquacomputer D5 Next.

Manuals and Diagrams:

SC Protium 2.0 Reservoir ARGB Cover.
SC Protium 2.0 ARGB 150 D5 Reservoir Combo Reservoir Sizes.
SC Protium 2.0 ARGB 150 D5 Reservoir Combo Dimensions & Port Layout.
SC Protium 2.0 ARGB 150 D5 Reservoir Combo Manual.


Experience Singularity:

We create the products we want in our builds based on our 15 years of experience building high end computers. All our designs begin with function, versatility is vital to increase the possibilities so that you can create the build you want to, something unique. Our products are premium, we do not hold back on quality to save cost. All our products use the most high-end available materials and manufacturing processes. Our vision is to continue to introduce unique and exciting ideas, to inspire and lead the industry.

Singularity Computers
review is more for the 1.0 but seeing the mounting should still be relevant.really nice pump/res combo, had some EK's before with there mounting system but the amount of noise comming from the pump was somewhat annoying, so i looked for a replacement and decided to finally get the 1.0 version of this reservoir which promisses to dampen the pump's noise a bit through the cover.wile this is true...the mounting system is through and through hardmount unless you put something between it or take care in your fan selection.orinally i mounted it to corsair ML120 fan's which have no rubber/silicone dampening. as a result as soon as the pump hit 2000rpm+ my desk started to vibrate lightly and the case was lightly vibrating. which ofcourse was quite noisy / cannot be great for the mechanical hard drive >.<.recently i put in some noctua NF-A 12X25's which do have dampening and now i can run the pump at 5000 RPM and the case is not vibrating as a result of this i can now run the pump much faster wile barely affecting the noise (ofc you hear the pump at 5000RPM but you don't here the case vibrating like crazy :P) ^^
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