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Alphacool Eisschicht Ultra Soft thermal pad 3W/mk 100x100x1mm

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The Alphacool Ultra soft Eisschicht is the next step in terms of thermal pads. Due to their outstanding properties, they can almost be compared directly to thermal paste. This is because the Ultra Soft Eisschicht moulds itself and clings much better to components, which contributes to excellent cooling performance.

Better than standard thermal pads?
The material of the Ultra Soft thermal pads acts similar to a thermal paste. While normal thermal pads are only pressed together by the contact pressure there can be areas that are uneven due to different high components,  making them less effective. With the ultra soft Eisschicht this problem doesn’t exist because the material distributes itself similar to thermal paste and thus prevents the highest components from being subjected to increased contact pressure by the cooler. As standard thermal pads are quite stiff they can also cause too much pressure on components. In the worst cases, this can cause the PCB to bend and even break. Due to the soft consistency of the Ultra Soft Eisschicht any excess material can spread out rather than cause problems. The Ultra Soft Eisschicht is not only performance orientated, but also safer!

But this is not the only advantage!
Moreover, the special material cannot dry out. Usually the silicone in thermal pads bleeds out over time. This makes them hard and the performance of the pads drops rapidly from a certain point. This is not the case with the Ultra Soft Eisschicht. They can be used over a much longer period of time without significantly losing performance.

A thermal pad with fabric?
The consistency of the heat conducting material is similar to a viscous heat conducting paste. A special fabric is embedded so that the material remains stable and can be used as a thermal pad. This ensures a perfect distribution of the material if the element to be cooled has an uneven shape. Examples include voltage transformers, VRam and similar electronic components of all kinds that require cooling.

Cutting? No problem!
To cut the thermal pads to size, you should definitely leave the foil on the pads. So the pads can easily be cut to size with a pair of scissors. This is just as easy as cutting paper. The cut edges remain perfectly clean and do not fray

The Alphacool Eisschicht Ultra Soft Thermal Pads are superior to the usual thermal pads in many respects and are also used with all new Eisblock Aurora graphic cards coolers from Alphacool.

Download data sheet PDF: Alphacool Eisschicht Ultra Soft thermal pad 3W/mk 100x100x1mm


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