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der8auer Skylake-X Direct Die Frame

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The Skylake-X Direct Die Frame from overclocking champion der8auer is a masterpiece of German engineering. The CPU mounting frame completely replaces Intel's ILM (Integrated Loading Mechanism) as well as the CPU cooler mounting holes. This inconspicuous component unlocks a world of possibilities when it comes to CPU performance enhancement, leading to record breaking overclocks when paired with either standard or liquid cooling.

Allows the CPU to be operated and cooled without a heatspreader
Secure mounting for maximum cooling performance
Compatible with current Socket 2066 motherboards
Manufactured in high-grade black anodized aluminium

The nickel-plated copper heat spreader, in the factory default setup, removes the heat produced by the CPU and transfers it into the CPU cooler which dissipates the thermal energy across a larger surface area than that available to the silicon alone. However the role of forming a tight seal between said components falls to a Thermal Interface Material (TIM) located between the heat spreader and the silicon chip. This standard thermal paste supplied with Intel processors offers relatively low levels of thermal conductivity, as a result of this it frequently struggles to maintain reasonable temperatures when faced with heavy overclocking. 

In this scenario the effectiveness of the CPU cooler is irrelevant due to the fact that heat build-up is taking place within the interior of the processor package itself. For a CPU to receive adequate cooling, even when being pushed to its limits via overclocking, enthusiasts swiftly remove the heat spreader with the help of the der8auer Delid Die Mate X, replacing the thermal paste with liquid metal and subsequently remounting the heat spreader. This results in a typical 10-20°C reduction in the temperatures of Intel Skylake-X processors. The Skylake-X Direct Die Frame removes the need for two further layers consisting of the heat spreader and thermal paste, allowing temperatures to fall by a further 2-8°C. This results in a marked improvement in overclocking performance. 

The outer edge of the der8auer Skylake-X Direct Die Frame is located a mere 0,1 mm below the silicon chip itself, effectively protecting against damage. Furthermore, the black anodized coating isolates the aluminium of the Direct Die Frame as it is no longer electrically conductive. As a result the SK-X DDF can be seated safely and securely against the contact area of the CPU. Installation of the SK-X DDF requires that the Intel socket retention module first be removed, this then allows the included back plate to be attached to the reverse of the motherboard with adhesive pads, the CPU inserted, and the frame secured by means of four screws. The SK-X DDF is manufactured according to extremely tight tolerances to ensure an equal distribution of downward force. This helps to maintain optimum contact between the motherboard and CPU while ensuring all devices, such as PCIe cards or RAM modules, are recognized correctly. 

*** Important Warning! ***
Removal of the CPU's heatspreader is performed at your own risk and results in the invalidation of the manufacturer's guarantee and warranty! 

Note on Compatibility: The removal of the integrated heat spreader results in a small reduction in the mounting height of the CPU cooler. Consequently those coolers with fixed mounting heights are not able to be mounted. For this reason please confirm prior to installation whether the cooler you plan to use is capable of being set to a lower mounting height. Compatibility with watercoolers from EKWB, Aquacomputer, as well as AiO watercoolers from Corsair and NZXT are guaranteed to fit. 

Technical Details:
Type: CPU mounting frame
Material: Anodized aluminium
Colour: Black
Compatible with all Socket 2066 motherboards
Compatible with all Intel Skylake-X processors
1x Direct Die Frame
1x Back plate
5x M3 screws
1x Hex key
1x Torx key
1x Plastic spatula


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