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MIPS RAM Freezer 5 (met 3 RAM Modules)

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MIPS RAM Freezer 5 (met 3 RAM Modules)

MIPS RAM Freezer for up to 6 Memory modules without Heatspreader. Suitable for the new X58 Mainbaords with Triple-Channel memory slots.

Today even the RAM modules produce more heat due to high clock rates and voltages. We therefore developed this watercooled RAM Freezer.

Many manufacturers equip their RAM modules with so-called ''Heatspreaders'' which are supposed to contribute to better cooling of the RAM modules. The problem with this concept is the fact that the Heatspreaders only function properly in combination with a sufficient Airflow over the modules. Especially in watercooled systems or insulated Silent-PCs the Airflow is mostly insufficient to provide the required cooling capacities, resulting in hot-running memory modules at up to 70°, resulting in unstable operation or even defective modules. With the use of our RAM Freezers the operation temperature can be lowered to a perfect 35-40°C!

Our watercooled approach therefore eliminates the problems with overheating RAM modules and offers the following advantages as a result:

•Absolutely stable operation of your RAM modules
•Highest lifespan for your memory
•Highest OC potential of your memory modules

If you already have a watercooling system in operation this is the perfect supplement for your cooling system.

The RAM Freezer 5 is suitable for up to 6 double-sided memory modules with approx. 3-4mm thickness without Heatspreader (the stock Heatspreader may have to be removed)

The RAM cooling modules can be adjusted to fit a slot distance of 8-10mm distance (middle to middle) and are therefore suitable for Mainboards with medium distances (max. 52mm) between the first and last RAM slot.

The RAM Freezer 5 offered here is sipped with 3 cooling modules!

Please note: The removal of the stock Heatspreader may void your warranty, please work accordingly careful when installing this product. We are not liable for damages occurring during or resulting from installation of this product.

1. Loosen (do not screw open completely!) the 3 middle screws of the Aluminium module
2. Apply thermal compound to the RAM module
3. Insert the memory module into the cooling module and tighten with the 3 middle screws loosened in step 1
4. Make sure that the memory module sits tight in the cooling module
5. Repeat steps 1-4 for all RAM modules
6. Insert the RAM modules into the Mainboard's slots and lock in place
7. Apply thermal compound to the contact surface of the Aluminium cooling modules
8. Screw the main body of the RAM Freezer 5 onto the Aluminium cooling modules

Hint: Integrate the RAM Freezer into the cooling loop before screwing it onto the cooling modules

Technical data:
Base surface Aluminium cooling plate: 139x40mm
Overall size without fittings: 139 x 58,5 x 16mm (LxWxH)
Weight: ~524g
Cooling plate material: 2mm Aluminium
Main body contact plate: 3mm pure copper
Cover plate material: 5mm coated brass
Connection thread size: G1/4"


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