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The need for better cooling and silence has long been hard to accomplish. Previous manufacturers used off the shelf components and crude manufacturing with little to no engineering, all without much success. There had to be a better way.   With one goal in mind; to produce high quality and top performing products for the PC industry, D-TEK CUSTOMS was founded in early 2001. We emphasize outstanding customer service and products that go far beyond customer expectations. The result has been a steady growth in our business fueled by the skyrocketing popularity in liquid cooling products.     Why D-TEK CUSTOMS?   In our short life, D-TEK CUSTOMS has been instrumental in a number of innovations now considered standard in the liquid cooling industry. Some well known and others not so. We are the original source of many ideas on the market today, such as:   True 1/2" System Kits and 1/2" tubing Early Hi-Flow Waterblock design Poly and Acrylic Topped Waterblock with O-ring seal Bay Reservoirs Heatercore Radiators exclusively designed for watercooling Fan shrouds Hi-Flow nickel plated O-ring barbs exclusively designed for watercooling components UV water dye made for liquid cooling applications   When you look around you will see a lot of these products being used and sold in stores, and you can be sure D-TEK CUSTOMS was the first to manufacture and sell them in the liquid cooling market.   D-TEK CUSTOMS remains dedicated to this industry while always striving for perfection in the next generation of liquid cooling.  

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