Mini Bench Cut-off Saw with Steel Blade and Adjust Miter Gauge

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High Speed Mini Bench / Cut-off Saw with adjust miter gauge and steel blade for cutting metal, wood, plastic and other material.

This mini bench saw has a compact size and is therefore portable, very mobile. A must have for your workshop!
Easy to use for a quick DIY job, such as cutting metal aluminum, copper, plastic, acrylic, PETG, wood etc.
(think of shortening screws, cut tubing to the correct length and many more DIY jobs)
- Cuts steel, brass, wood, acrylic, PETG, plastic & more
- Smooth, precise cuts; in most cases no sanding needed   
- Power 90W, 100-120V/220V-240V, 50/60HZ   
- Weight: 2kg   
- Speed 7800r/min, 3/8" Arbor, 2" Blade Diameter, .020" Blade Width, 1/2" Cutting Depth   
- 0-45 Degree Miter
- 71" Power Cord
Package include:
1 * mini cutting machine
1 * 2" Blade
1 * Table clamp

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