You can contact HighFlow in different ways, however we try to provide as much information on our website.
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Apart from reaching by email, you can also reach us by telephone. However, we ask you to first read through the list of frequently asked question or contact us through forum or email.

Because we are a web shop, we focus primarily on online support. And because we want to maintain low prices, there are certain things we cannot do unfortunately. One of them is to be constantly available on the telephone. On our web shop, we try to provide as comprehensive as possible any information you might need. We also have, most of the time, a direct link in the product description to the manufacturer's website, where you will find all the information about the product. Nevertheless, are you still having questions? Then you can always email us! Usually we respond very fast on emails, considering we are focusing mainly on online support. Do you still want to call us? The phone can only be answered if the activities and work permits us. If it is not possible, then you will get to hear from our answering machine to request you to send us an email.

Of course, it is also possible through fax or post. Our fax number and address details are given below.
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Company information:

Name: HighFlow
Address: Kiotoweg 104-106
Zip code & Place: 3047 BG Rotterdam
Country: Netherlands
Telephone: +31 617451652 (Ma-Vr 11:00-16:00)



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General: info @highflow.nl (without space between "info" and "@")
Sale: sales @highflow.nl (without space between "sales" and "@")
Helpdesk: support @highflow.nl (without space between "support" and "@")
RMA: rma @highflow.nl (without space between "rma" and "@")
Complaints: klacht @highflow.nl (without space between "klacht" and "@")


Chamber of Commerce and Tax:

Chamber of Commerce and Tax Rotterdam: 24426913
V.A.T. number: NL135755360B01


Bank information:

Name: Rabobank Rotterdam
Address: Blaak 333
Zip code and City: 3011 GB Rotterdam
Bank account: 141094567
Swiftcode: RABONL2U
IBAN: NL83RABO0141094567


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List of our new products

Monsoon Series Two D5 Premium Dual 5.25 Re...

Code: M2-D5P-BL - SKU: M2-D5P-BL - EAN: 0700953583130

Price: 127,95 (105,74 excl tax)

Monsoon Series Two D5 Basic Dual 5.25 Rese...

Code: M2-D5B-MB - SKU: M2-D5B-MB - EAN: 0700953583161

Price: 89,95 (74,34 excl tax)

CM Storm QuickFire XTi - Brown Switch

Code: 14950 - SKU: SGK-4060-KKCM1 - EAN: 4719512048696

Price: 132,50 (109,50 excl tax)

CM Storm QuickFire TK - Brown switch

Code: SGK-4020-GKCM1 - SKU: SGK-4020-GKCM1 - EAN: 4719512038512

Price: 99,95 (82,60 excl tax)

Alphacool replacement cover Plexi for Repa...

Code: A15253 - SKU: 15253 - EAN: 4250197152532

Price: 1,50 (1,24 excl tax)

Alphacool GPX SLI Connector - Triple - Plexi

Code: A12398 - SKU: 12398 - EAN: 4250197123983

Price: 29,75 (24,59 excl tax)

Noctua 140mm NF-A14 PWM - 1500RPM

Code: NF-A14PWM - SKU: NF-A14 PWM - EAN: 4716123314981

Price: 24,95 (20,62 excl tax)

EK-XRES 100 Revo D5 PWM (incl.pump) - Glass

Code: 843109 - SKU: 3831109843109 - EAN: 3831109843109

Price: 139,95 (115,66 excl tax)

EK-XRES 140 Revo D5 PWM (incl.pump) - Glass

Code: 843116 - SKU: 3831109843116 - EAN: 3831109843116

Price: 140,95 (116,49 excl tax)

EK-Tube ZMT Matte Black 19,4/12,5mm

Code: 999320 - SKU: 3830046999320 - EAN: 3830046999320

Price: 7,95 (6,57 excl tax)

XSPC Ion Pump/Reservoir

Code: X86582 - SKU: 5060175586582 - EAN: 5060175586582

Price: 69,95 (57,81 excl tax)

Alphacool Eisbecher D5 250mm Acetal

Code: A15233 - SKU: 15233 - EAN: 4250197152334

Price: 74,95 (61,94 excl tax)

Alphacool Eisbecher D5 250mm Plexi

Code: A15234 - SKU: 15234 - EAN: 4250197152341

Price: 74,95 (61,94 excl tax)

Alphacool NexXxoS GPX - ATI R9 290X and 29...

Code: A11239 - SKU: 11239 - EAN: 4250197112390

Price: 99,95 (82,60 excl tax)

Alphacool GPX SLI Connector - Dual - Plexi

Code: A12397 - SKU: 12397 - EAN: 4250197123976

Price: 21,95 (18,14 excl tax)

Alphacool GPX SLI Connector - Triple asyme...

Code: A12477 - SKU: 12477 - EAN: 4250197124775

Price: 35,95 (29,71 excl tax)

XSPC D5 Tank Reservoir V3

Code: X86568 - SKU: D5TANKRESV3 - EAN: 5060175586568

Price: 44,95 (37,15 excl tax)

EK-CoolStream CE 560 Quad

Code: 860397 - SKU: 3831109860397 - EAN: 3831109860397

Price: 134,95 (111,53 excl tax)

Hot Knife - Touwbrander - Sleeve and Rope ...

Code: HSG-00 - SKU: GK40.00BE

Price: 289,95 (239,63 excl tax)

Alphacool Eisplateau Anti-Static work- and...

Code: A90334 - SKU: 90334 - EAN: 4250197903349

Price: 49,95 (41,28 excl tax)