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140MM Noise Absorber 140 - Black


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140MM Noise Absorber 140 - Black

Casefans worden doorgaans direct aan de kast gemonteerd, dit kan resonantie en trillingen veroorzaken!
De 140MM Fan Noise Absorbers steken hier een stokje voor!

De Noise Absorber absorbeert iedere trilling van 140MM fans!

Specificaties en eigenschappen:
- Materiaal: Silicoon
- Gewicht: 19g
- Lengte: 144mm (voor 140MM fans)
- Demensies: 144 x 144 x 4 mm
- Zeer gemakkelijk te installeren!


Noise Absorber 140 - Black

These silicon fan gaskets are designed to reduce the vibration from PC case fans and maintain a seal between the case side and the fan housing.

Stop Vibration
A case fan in contact with the PC housing can cause vibration during operation.This vibration can cause very annoying sounds. By placing a SA-Series noise absorber between the case and case fan you eliminate any direct contact between the two, this way there is less vibration and noise.

Ultra Soft Silicon
These silicon case fan noise absorbers are made from the best possible silicon to guarantee effectiveness and durability. The absorbers absorb the vibration that otherwise would be transmitted from the fan into the case chassis and case housing. The material is ultra effective and easy to install.


  • Soft and flexible silicon
  • Excellent quality, long lasting life time
  • Stops vibration very effectively
  • Easy to install